Gold Class + Mere Women @ Newtown Social Club, 27th May 2016

faceless writerWhat does the phrase “TGIF” mean to you? For some, it can mean chucking on the tracksuits and tuning into Netflix for 12 hours. On the other hand, it could mean getting messy at Newtown Social Club to pay homage to the indie artists on tour. Filling that role tonight would be alternative rock band Gold Class with more than ample support from Sydney locals Mere Woman who have teamed up in 2016 to launch their split 7”.

I may have missed the memo regarding when to arrive at NSC because upon entering the venue I could count less people in the room then fingers on my hand. However, any seeds of doubt for an exciting night were quickly perished moments before Mere Women gathered on the stage. The collaboration between MW and Gold Class features Numb and Standing at the Fault respectively and one can see why such a combination was concocted as both bands were two unique peas of the same pod. That brilliance could especially be said for vocalists Amy Wilson (Mere Woman) and Adam Curley (GC) who sounded like two majestic wolves from the same pack howling to the moon with their penetrative voices.


To paraphrase Aristotle (who I’m sure would have been a fan of Indie Music) Mere Women are a band that is stronger as a whole than the sum of its parts. Each member was comfortable in their role, whether it be guitarist Flyn Mckinnirey swinging his guitar around like a summertime sprinkler or the archetypical bassist face of calm from Trisch Roberts. The standout however was vocalist and keyboardist Amy Wilson who utilized the moody themes of each song to create an atmosphere for the crowd. The set transcended from rehearsal to valuable live performance due to the front woman’s mix of intriguing vocals, keyboard back up and upbeat dance moves. She even managed to squeeze in some thanks to Black Wire records who helped deliver the catchy single Numb’. Overall, Mere Women made the mark on a night that could have easily been remembered solely for one man’s performance in the next set; Gold Classes’ Adam Curley.


Once Gold Class had taken the stage, the venue was already taken by a crowd speckled by mini mosh pits. The alternative rock band led many of the songs with unrelenting bass lines and drums then would characteristically switch it up by giving more focus to their biggest asset; its vocals. The lyrics were as beckoning for the audience as they were to and created a collective state of mind in NSC. Front man Burley, fed off this and it was delightful to see such a transaction which was evident by his wrapping himself in the microphone cord and mounting of the speakers (luckily they weren’t very tall). Front row fans were even a little shocked when he jumped descended off stage and sang with the crowd. The standout however was the way the band capped it off. As the last song was seemingly played, the band left the stage and the crowd applauded but that applause was cut short when Burley and one of the members jumped on the keyboard (not literally as prior observations may have suggested) to bellow on more song out. Sometimes, even with a great set, a crowd can be feeling left just short of the mark. This was not the case though with Gold Class.


All in all, another hectic night at Newtown Social Club with a couple of bands that made my TGIF feel quite validated. It was another friggin’ cold night in Sydney so it was always going to be a hard ticket to sell but Mere Woman and Gold Class > Netflix and Chill.