A Live experience with The Pretty Littles, Neighbourhood Youth and Cristian Campano @ The Brighton Up Bar 19th May 2016

Keegan2The Brighton Up Bar was blessed with banter the other night as The Pretty Littles delivered some great chat amongst some even better indie-rock tunes. Touring their new single ‘Pride’ the Melbourne lads made the trip to Sydney. Switching easily between humorous moments and then straightening up to deliver some engrossing tracks, they were ridiculously entertaining. With a cover thrown in now and again, it left the crowd feeling pretty satisfied.

The night kicked off with a hometown nod from Cristian Campano, front man of Sydney band Food Court. Providing a gazing set of songs, accompanied by the new single ‘What You’re Doing To Me’ being a highlight. Neighbourhood Youth were up next and were impressive in front of a captivated crowd.  With the bassist frantically occupying both stage and dance floor alike and the band created a soundscape that made me wonder how thick the walls were. It was painstakingly clear that if given the opportunity to play on a bigger stage, that these Melbourne blokes would kill it.

As The Pretty Littles jump on stage, they immediately earn a smirk from the crowd. Front man Jack Parsons is wearing an I Heart Bondi cap, leading us to believe they’re having a ripper time in Sydney so far. A couple of dollars he was happy to part with in exchange for a pearler of a hat. Parsons is no stranger to spinning a yarn, it comes naturally as he talks about the time one of their mates roped them into doing acid on a Tuesday. In a ‘Loosest Ozzy Blokeesque” rant that is riddled with laughs that make you choke your drink back, these moments are exciting as they act as a pre-cursor to their more immature songs. Preparing the crowd for songs like ‘Dingo The Ladies Man’, a song about their mate and his unfortunate encounter with an STI. Bad luck Dingo.

Covers also kept the crowd on their toes, with snippets of Blink 182’s ‘Dammit’ and Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ sneaking their way into song intervals and even ‘Rain’ by Dragon getting punters involved and feeling nostalgic. Don’t worry, they do prepare you for the serious songs as well. “Ok, I guess we’ll do the indie-rock thing for a bit” Parsons informs us, as if it’s almost a chore. It doesn’t feel like a chore though, with songs like ‘Noobie’ and new single ‘Pride’ being perfect examples of that appealing indie-rock sound. These moments proving that although The Pretty Littles are heavy on chat and humour, they can back it up with some genuinely well-crafted music.

The Pretty Littles are one of the most entertaining Aussie bands going around at the moment, proving that not everything has to go by the books for a show to go smoothly, and also that Dingo needs to wear condoms.