ft. Glass Animals, Wolf Parade, Holy Fuck, Okkervile River and Father John Misty


While the music industry is fickle and it’s consumers even more so, over time certain artist’s undeniable talents begin to shine through, providing us with greater and greater works as they gain experience and insights into their music, the world and themselves. Today our picks highlight those artists that are shinning through and perhaps have the skills needed to last in this ever shifting industry


Glass AnimalsArtist: Glass Animals

Prime Cut: Life Itself

Cut From: Oxford, United Kingdom

Reminds Us Of: Worlds End Press, Foster The People, Client Liason

It’s bands like Oxford’s, Glass Animals who retain a sense of fun and quirkiness in their music, while many other bands around them choose the sombre more “serious” take on music.  Following well deserved hype from their eclectic pop debut album Zaba, last year, ‘Life Itself’ delivers a taster from their sophomore album How To Be A Human Being. Showing slightly more mature craftsmanship, the band haven’t let go of their alternative pop tinged songwriting.  A little beauty.


Wolf_Parade3-770x470Artist: Wolf Parade

Prime Cut: Automatic

Cut From: British Columbia, Canada

Reminds Us Of: City Calm Down, The Killers, White Lies

‘Automatic’ is the opening track from Wolf Parades’ 4 track EP, titled EP 4.  Taking quite a change in direction for the band, one that may loose connection with die-hard fans, their new glam pop sound will have less curated ears paying more attention. ‘Automatic’ is a fresh return from this often left of centre trio.


holy fuckArtist: Holy Fuck

Prime Cut: Caught Up

Cut From: Toronto, Canada

Reminds Us Of: Aphex Twin, Primal Scream, David Holmes

A few weeks back we featured their previous single ‘Xed Eyes’, a ripping mind-bending electro track. Well, ‘Caught Up’ goes deeper into Holy Fuck’s pysche, where beats are twisted and ever so disturbed. Holy Fuck continue to break the mould of electronic dance music, taking us on a journey that treads a perfect line of eventfulness without alienating the listener. The more we listen the more we understand just how good this track is. Trust us, play on repeat and it will embed in your mind.


okkervill riverArtist: Okkervil River

Prime Cut: Okkervil River, R.I.P

Cut From: Austin, Texas

Reminds Us Of: Ryan Adams, My Morning Jacket

Three years since Okkervil River delivered their well received Silver Gymnasium, the band have gone through much change since, with a few of Will Shegg’s backing band leaving to pursue family and other projects and Sheff himself nursed his idolised grandfather. Like all good music, written from experience, the silver lining is some of their best work today, reflective, heart-felt and full of revitalised strength.


Father John MistyArtist: Father John Misty

Prime Cut: Real Love Baby

Cut From: Maryland, United States of America

Reminds Us Of: The Beach Boys, Foxygen

Since the delivery of his outstanding second album, I Love You Honeybear, and one of the best live TV performances to date, on David Letterman, Misty has been playing with the media with his commentary, parody songs and duets. Getting back to his music, ‘Real Love Baby’ is stripped back, summer vibe complete with sweet harmonies that draws instant comparison to The Beach Boys. It’s nothing to shout out about but its catchy, easy and a nice return.