ft. Amason, Speedy Oritz, James Blake, Peter Bjorn and John, De La Soul and Pure Moods


Well, with two of our picks this week heading to Splendour this year, it’s good to know they have earned their spot. James Blake, featuring the undeniable Bon Iver along with the deceptively talented Peter Bjorn and John are smashing the hits again. Oritz shows his geeky anime love. Indi record label, Deaf Ambitions, are showing the world that quality pop isn’t an oxymoron while hip hop classics, De La Soul, remind us why they are so loved by many. What A selection!


AmasonArtists: Amason

Prime Cut: I Want To Know What Love Is

Cut From: Stockholm, Sweden

Reminds Us Of: The XX, Lykke Li

Trust the swedes to take a soppy, classic karaoke song and smother it with heart-felt emotion and indie warmth.  Amason brings together some great talents of the alternative music scene, Miike Snow, Dungen, Little Majorette and Idiot Wind and sets them against an equally beautiful video clip that depicts a mans quest to seek out the Yeti, crafted with excpetionally beautiful cinematography.



speedy oritzArtists: Speedy Oritz

Prime Cut: Death Note

Cut From: Northampton, Massachusetts

Reminds Us Of: Waxahatchee,  White Lung, Sleater-Keeney

Speedy Oritz release another catchy and gritty pop track as part of an EP, following on from their well-acclaimed album, Foil Deer.  The track is actually named after the anime, which is about an evil supernatural notebook that causes the death of anyone whose name is written inside of it.  The band maintain their grunge college rock sound but offer a more accessible approach.



Artist: james blakeJames Blake ft Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)

Prime Cut: I Need A Forest Fire

Cut From: London, United Kingdom

Reminds Us Of: Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Boards of Canada

James Blake’s new album, The Colour in Anything, is a slow burner, literally, and although no great break away from his trademark sound, he continues to pave his own way in melancholic, dark and introspective electro-soul.  This collaboration with Vernon is exquisite, gentle in its pace, soaring in its beauty. Set against this mesmerising video, Blake has a knack for going to dark, musical, places of mixed up beats, blurry samples and haunting vocals, like no other.



peter bjorn and johnArtist: Peter, Bjorn and John

Prime Cut: Dominoes

Cut From: Stockholm, Sweden

Reminds Us Of: Broken Bells, Bee Gees

Peter, Bjorn and John continue to battle their status of one hit wonders with their classic ear worm, “Young Folk”. You may not be aware, but the band have released some of the most underrated music in the last 8 years, from some impeccable albums.  The thorn of writing a commercial hit single wont get in the way of this trio, releasing more catchy cuts, like “Dominoes”, a disco fuelled number armed with falsetto vocals, soaring synths and a good dollop of Bee Gees groove.



De La SoulArtist: De La Soul

Prime Cut: Sho Nuff

Cut From: Long Island, New York

Reminds Us Of: Gorillaz, Outkast, Mark Ronson

To celebrate the 25 year anniversary of De La Soul is Dead, the hugely influential up-lifting rappers, have delivered a rare track from the archives, ‘Sho Nuff’. Sounding as cool now as it would have been when it was created 25 years back. The simple sample mixes, clever rapping and good vibes that made so many fall in love with De La Soul are revitalised and remind us that true hip hop is a timeless affair.



Pure MoodsArtist: Pure Moods

Prime Cut: Blurb

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Reminds Us Of: The Lemonheads, Real Estate, Teenage Fanclub

Melbourne based record label, Deaf Ambitions, are collecting a great mix of young Australian aritsts who capture the dreamy sounds of innocence and infectious lo-fi pop bands.  Along with fellow label mates Crepes, Pure Moods have delivered a sweetly harmonious cut. Capturing all the glorious moments of the early 90’s, when pop felt a little more innocent and less contrived.