A Live Experience with MS MR and GRRL PAL at Prince Bandroom, Melbourne, 29th of April 2016

Female FacelessBefore heading up to Bendigo for ‘Groovin to the Moo’ where the duo MS MR are headlining, they delivered a sideshow at the Prince Bandroom inSt Kilda, a venue that The Wandering Lamb all too infrequently visits.  Tonight the support comes from another powerful duo, GRRL PAL, a perfect way to warm up the audience for MS MR.

GRRL PAL is a girl- boy duo that writes, records and produces their own music. They are from Perth, Western Australia and they make music that is electro-pop with a “futuristic” feel.  Starting their set with a moderately filled venue, as soon as they got going they completely drew everyone’s attention.

The set started with one of their slower songs, the lead singer Danny K’s voice hitting the highest notes she could muster. They both seemed a little nervous, but appeared more comfortable as their set went on. Costumed in a pair of overalls and sparkly sneakers, Danny K danced along with music and quickly had much of the audience doing the same as did her duo.

Playing a cover of Hotline Bling by Drake really sparked the interest of the audience, by which point the room had filled perhaps drawn to their futuristic/earthy music that filled the air.  With the atmosphere now building, Danny K dropped the microphone to get amongst it, and jumped into the front of the stage to get everyone around her jumping. It was a good move that lifted energy of the night as the crowd now prepared for who they were there to see.

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GRRL PAL’s last song, ‘Dare’ whippled the crowd into jumps and sways with a “Harajuku lovers” feel with electro pop and her high falsetto voice lacing it altogether. I moments the set was over, the crowd applauded and the duo quickly scrambled off stage for the set up of MS MR.

First on to the stage were the drummer and bass player evoking huge applause from the crowd while in the background is the unmissable signature red hair of Lizzy Plapinger’s that was thrown back in laughter as she walked on to the stage with her counterpart Max Hershenow, screaming a loud, ‘WHATS UP, MELBOURNE?!’.

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The set started with ‘Reckless’ from their most recent album setting the scene for what was in store for the rest of the set. Plapinger was dressed like a superhero, skin-tight black latex suit, swaying her hips and encouraging the crowd to dance. Max was full of energy and played his heart out already breaking a sweat by the end of their first song. He impressed the crowd with his multi-instrumental talents playing his keyboard, dancing and doing the back-up singing. With each songs ending, the crowd broke into a huge applause that appeared to shock both Max and Lizzy, humbled by the whole experience. In her American accent, she yelled a big ‘Thank you’, loving the audience’s reaction to their music.

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Tonight the lighting and sound was perfect, the stage lights perfectly illuminating her red hair as she whipped it around each song. with the music loud enough to vibrate through your body.

With a moment to practice the chorus for their song ‘How does it feel’,  the audience were quick to catch on as they sung every word and created a real strong vibe to the night before declaring that it would be their last song before abruptly leaving the stage. The crowd immediately erupted with the usual cheer for a return, gracing the stage again and noting to us that “they would never leave us hanging like that”. Their finale was ‘Hurricane’ that completely brought the house down, they even had the bartenders dancing.

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