ft. Owen Rabbits, Band of Horses, Slotface, Roisin Murphy, ISLAND

jamesThis week we bring back Owen Rabbits to celebrate his electro pop, bask in the glory of Band of Horses’s 6th installment, get pumped with punk party performers Slot Face, welcome the game changing Roisin Murphy’s latest tracks before we get ISLAND stuck in our heads for weeks. Do you really need to be sold any further? Dig in and tune out!



Owen Rabbits

Prime Cut: Weeds

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Reminds Us Of: Damon Albarn, M83

Owen Rabbit entered the radar of The Wandering Lamb a few years back and since then, we have heard his song-writing talent go from strength to strength. “Weeds” is an electro infused pop injected with hints of sweeping vocals, cascading samples that lead you into an energised series of climaxes. With his upcoming European tour, Weeds will see him build a hefty international following.



band of horsesArtists: Band of Horses

Prime Cut: Casual Party

Cut From: Seattle, USA

Reminds Us Of: My Morning Jacket, Phospherescent

10 years since their debut Everything All The Time, Band of Horses have brought Americana roots rock n roll to the masses and with their 6th album soon to be delivered, “Casual Party” doesn’t change proceedings for the band but continues to offer catchy rock/pop tunes that are perfectly crafted and catchy. The album will be a big hit.



slotfaceArtist: Slotface

Prime Cut: Sponge State

Cut From: Stavanger, Norway

Reminds Us Of: Sonic Youth, Placebo, The Vines

With its ripping power chords and driving beats that surround Hayley Shea’s american twang vocal. This slice of punk pop offers a message of defiance against a particular government approved mine dumping chemicals into their countries fjord at Forde, a song of defiance and cleverly catchy.



Roisin MurphyArtist: Roisin Murphy

Prime Cut: Mastermind

Cut From: England, UK

Reminds Us Of: Bjork, Grace Jones, Bat For Lashes

The ever transforming and progressive creative, Roisin Murphy is one of the most advanced pop songwriters of our time, a completely underrated artists, who once again, transforms the way we listen to pop music. “Mastermind” is mind bending, intense and mesmerising in its production and story telling.



ISLAND-Dave-Gourlay-1-hi-resArtist: ISLAND

Prime Cut: Spotless Mind

Cut From: London, Uk

Reminds Us Of: Hedge Fund, Horse Thief, The Cribs

ISLANDS have been stirring up some excitement in London with their debut single hitting over a million streams in a few months. With new single “Spotless Minds”, this four piece deliver yet another punchy and infectious track. Spotless Minds gently grabs you by the hand before ripping into greater chorus heights. Ones to watch at many upcoming European summer festivals.