ft. White Lung, Tunji Ige, Flume, Deftones, Mickey Kojak

faceless - male 1 - keeganThis week, our Sydney based contributor Keegan cuts up some new prime tracks for you to list to. It’s a selection of brand new music that offers a nice change for The Wandering Lamb,  focussing on Hip Hop, Electronica and Punk . Flume returns to complete electronic obscurity with this unexpected cut, Deftones do what they do best, White Lung prove they are here to stay and we cross over to Philly to deliver rapper Tunji Inge’s new cut. Finally, it’s back to Sydney where another electro maestro Mickey Kojak delivers his all on the decks.  


Artist  White Lungwhite-lung-press-shot-2016

Prime Cut Kiss Me When I Bleed

Cut From Vancouver, Canada

Kind of reminds us of  Speedy Ortiz, Cloud Nothings

On the doorstep of their second album Paradise, White Lung have released ‘Kiss Me When I Bleed’, a song about love across lifestyles and the conservation of pride, no matter how destructive. “I will give birth in a trailer, huff in the gas in the air, baby is born in molasses, like I would even care” is an example of the bands impressive lyrical prowess, accompanied by tireless guitars and drums White Lung bring their songs to life through a constant, pulsing energy.


Artist Tunji Igetunj

Prime Cut Bring Yo Friends

Cut From Philadelphia, US

Kind of reminds us of  Vince Staples, Young Thug

Philly’s Tunji Ige brings a welcoming familiarity to ‘Bring Yo Friends’, providing a tasty hook and an expertly fluent rap game as he saunters through each line, “If you ain’t having fun you ain’t living right”. There’s no reinvention here, but what is evident is a popular formula for making a song easily approachable for those that love hip-hop and for those who aren’t too fussed.


Artist Flumeflume

Prime Cut Wall Fuck

Cut From  Sydney, Australia

Kind of reminds us of  SBTRKT, ODESZA

At it again, Sydney originator and now global EDM reveller Flume has dropped what seems like a lab experiment in the lead up to his album Skin with the song ‘Wall Fuck’. All over the shop takes on an affectionate connotation here as Flume keeps you balancing on wires with rumbling bass, abstract melodies, mixed in with sublimely cut samples.


Artist Deftonesdeftones-9751

Prime Cut Hearts/Wires

Cut From California, USA

Kind of reminds us of  Systems of A Down, Tool

Critically acclaimed nu-metal outfit Deftones have just released their 8th album Gore and they prove again that they are the definition of polished. Deftones are a prime example of a band that has learnt to evolve with the ever-changing sound landscape. ‘Hearts/Wires’ is an obvious standout thanks to the truly outstanding instrumentals from a complimentary unit. They succeed in almost arrogantly holding your anticipation on a knifes edge throughout.


Artist Mickey Kojakcroppedimage870454-mickeykojak2

Prime Cut Hit It (tl kcaR 035)

Cut From  Sydney, Australia

Kind of reminds us of  Hermitude, Wave Racer

Mickey Kojak is a staple diet for electric beat lovers in Sydney, providing plug-in and go builds that have considerably juicy payoffs. Releasing his debut EP Kojack delivers beats that bounce and shimmer with ‘Hit it (kcaR 035)’ being as enticing as a bit of silver to a magpie. Hitting pay dirt at every drop this is one song that should be welcomed on the decks at any time.