M83’s Secret Listening Party Photography By Nyssa Mitchell

On Thursday night, 7th April, The Wandering Lamb was lucky to be part of a special event, with thanks to the great team at Inertia Media, our Sydney team were sent to a secret location that turned out to be Goro’s kitsch karaoke rooms, tonight, hosting the listening party for M83’s new album ‘Junk’. Nestled in the heart of Surrey Hills, the Japanese party bar proved to be a perfect place for the French electronic record to be spun for the first time. It wasn’t exactly spun, but rather played from a screen that lapsed into screen savers of nature photos…which was surprisingly perfect. We sat in these intimate listening rooms that were sound-proofed from the outside world, eating dumplings and dazed by the coupling of disco balls with rotating pictures of mountains and bears catching fish.  A great experience, and M83 definitely would have approved.