Issue 24# ft. Astronauts, Baywaves, Stillwater Giants, ARMS and Sky Chefs


Despite the abundance of new music being pumped out everyday, it can be intimidating to dive in and find those absolute pearlers. Well, you can thank your lucky stars because TWL loves nothing more then finding new music and sharing it with all you musical fanatics. This time we bring to you tasty morsels from Spain, a soon to be hot stop of innovative music, as well a tune that has left us stumped in the wake of it’s unique sound. Enjoy!



Weaning Lamb: Astronautsastronauts

Track: You Can Turn It Off

Based In: London, Uk

Reminds Us Of: Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith

We may be slightly late on discovering Dan Carney (Astronauts), having received this wonderful delicate and harmonious track a few weeks back. With its gentle infectious melody but uplifting nature, it had to sneak its way in as a weaning lamb this time round.


Baywaves_DenisseGarciaWeaning Lamb:

Track: Time Is Passing U By

Based In: Madrid, Spain

Reminds Us Of: King Gizzard, Temples, Deep Sea Arcade

Swirling vocals dance around swirling guitar licks while psychedelic vocals sew it all together. Welcome to the world of Madrid’s Bay Wave, a lushly produced single that may be jumping on the bandwagon of the obvious, but this Spanish lads mix enough prog rock, ‘delic infused songwriting to earn them high merit as they embark on a major European tour.



Stillwater GiantsWeaning Lamb: Stillwater Giants

Track: Montage

Based In: Margaret River, Western Australia

Reminds Us Of: The Strokes, The Black Keys

Stillwater Giants were discovered by Triple J a few years back so we certainly cant claim them, but having returned with this ace new single Montage, we stake our claim. Montage, holds all the musical ingredients for a band worthy of attention with a driving beat and repetitive addictive guitar licks that should see the band hitting favourites at festivals (bring on next summer).



ARMSWeaning Lamb: ARMS

Track: Keep It Light

Based In: New York, USA

Reminds Us Of: No bloody idea!!!!

How do you describe ARMS, one moment glam-rock, one minute dreamy, one second post-punk, one moment folky. It comes with refreshing excitement that we find an artist who writes music that carves its own genre path. “I don’t mind the medicine, keeps me on my toes” sings Todd Goldstein grinding into the second verse, a song, a journey a gem of a track.


SKY CHEFSWeaning Lamb: Sky Chefs

Track: Broken Heart, Holy Ghost

Based In: Los Angeles, USA

Reminds Us Of: Him & Her, Camera Obscura, Belle & Sebastian

The art of duet, is a wonderful thing when done right, the harmony and the vocal connection can quite easily warm the heart. With a country groove, swooning trumpets set against a duet battle of two crooning vocals singing “I hope we make it, maybe so.” At 2 minutes and 13 seconds, it is clever, accomplished and an example of perfect pop melody.