By The Meadow – The Last of the Australian Summer festivals and a celebration of Australian musical diversity

Come Sunday, we will wind back our clocks to draw the days in a little closer, the nights will become crisp (in Melbourne anyhow) and the days bullied by the heavens above.  Fear not, as this weekend in Bambra, Victoria you can wash away these realities with one of the last summer festivals of the season.  By The Meadow is back with an impeccable line-up supporting great local and national music including The Harpoons, The Ocean Party, Crepes, Milwaukee Banks, Planete, Lanks and Anthonie Tonnon.  A weekend of musical diversity.  

We asked a handful of artists playing this weekend 5 festival related questions and in result we learnt just how popular the handy Wet Wipe was, how Almonds can “double-up” and the general oddities of pre-performance rituals.  

A few tickets still available here.
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