ft. Milwaukee Banks, Violent Soho, Sticky Fingers, Lupa J and The Last Shadow Puppets

faceless - male 1 - ryaFor the past couple of years, Australian musicians have been making a new name for themselves across the world. Not since the 70’s have we forced the international scene to really stop and take note of our talented musicians. This week we can proudly say that nothing has changed. From Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney the latest and greatest tracks are pumping out onto the airwaves and into your ears!


Milwaukee_Banks_Image_1_2014Artist: Milwaukee Banks

Prime Cut: Reincarnated

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Reminds Us Of: Nico Ghost, Tkay Maidza

As one of the biggest buzz groups in Australia at the moment , Milwaukee Banks are taking the future rap movement and making it their own. The duo seamlessly mix crisp, haunting electronica with sharp, to the point lyrics and flow on ‘Reincarnated’ from their recently released album Deep Into The Night.


36993369304ba9ab2a5f384321b925acArtist: Violent Soho

Prime Cut: Blanket

Cut From: Brisbane, Australia

Reminds Us Of: Foo Fighters, British India

Violent Soho are Australia’s favourite sons of punk. With the immensely successful album Hungry Ghost already in their arsenal, the boys have crafted Waco, full of the signature Violent Soho mosh anthems and sing-alongs we expect. ‘Blanket’ is the stand-out of the album. Driving, intense, loud and just pure fun, there’s not much more you could ask for.


600Artist: Sticky Fingers

Prime Cut: Outcast At Last

Cut From: Sydney, Australia

Reminds Us Of: Bootleg Rascal

Sticky Fingers have a reputation for selling out shows that they haven’t even announced, and the tour for their latest single ‘Outcast At Last’ is set to be no different. Full of punch and gritty riffs, this track is definitely one that you’ll want to put on your good-times playlist. With all their grimy goodness, Australia’s reggae-rock gods are back!



lupa_j_H_0316.a0fcd749366e96c33348b9c03fdd7ae6Artist: Lupa J

Prime Cut: Numb

Cut From: Sydney Australia

Reminds Us Of: Grimes FKA Twigs

You might have heard of Lupa J, she’s one of the many Triple J success stories following her status as 2015 Unearthed High finalist. Well she’s got a new single now called ‘Numb’ and it seems certain that she will continue to grow momentum and support throughout 2016. ‘Numb’ is a brooding and sensitive electronica masterpiece, perfectly framed by J’s soaring voice.


tlspArtist: The Last Shadow Puppets

Prime Cut: Aviation

Cut From: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Reminds Us Of: The Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines

Usually love children are frowned upon, but in the case of The Last Shadow Puppets there is an exception. The love child of Arctic Monkey’s singer Alex Turner and his new partner in crime Miles Kane, has offered us a taste of its new album with the second single ‘Aviation’. Awash with somber strings and jangling guitars, ‘Aviation’ is a rather sad affair haunted by Turner’s classic drawl. Oh and the film clip is definitely very creepy.