Issue #23 – Australian Made Special ft. Alex Lahey, The Pretty Littles, Camp Cope, Good Boy & Chris Watts

shauna v2This edition of Weaning Lambs has got us all feeling a little proud. As a shout out to the unbelievable number of exciting acts coming straight out of our home country, we though this time we’ll give a little back. So in honour of our fantastic local artists, we’ve featured only Aussie acts in this edition – and what a corker it is too. If you are reading from Australia, make sure you do your bit and track these artists down and get down to one of their live gigs. I’ll certainly be worth your while.


Weaning Lamb Alex Laheyalexlahey

Track You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me

Based In Melbourne

Kind Of Reminds Us Of The Strokes, Colleen Green

This track is a blistering, emotional rip into a failed relationship – with an energetic and catchy as hell garage pop tune that is bound to stick in your head for days. Lyrics like “All I wanna do is drink clean skin wine and watch Mulholland Drive with you” and a great video to boot, this song is the first taste of her debut EP out really soon.


Weaning Lamb The Pretty Littlespretty littles

Track Pride

Based In Melbourne

Kind Of Reminds Us Of You Am I, The Libertines

With a massive singalong chorus, big guitar hooks and a heartfelt lyric, Pride is the latest single that the boys have just released which will be on their new album. This is one hard-working band that always put on a fantastic live show, so do yourself a favour and check ’em out.


Weaning Lamb Camp Copecampcope

Track Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams

Based In Melbourne

Kind Of Reminds Us Of Courtney Barnett, The Smith Street Band

Here at The Wandering Lamb, we are already big fans of these ladies after having seen them support Waxahatchee not too long ago. They have an album out real soon (their debut self titled release) and this is a cut from it. Georgia Maq is one of Melbourne’s greatest voices and as a band, Camp Cope have a big future ahead of them.


Weaning Lamb Good Boygoodboy

Track No Love For Back Home

Based In Brisbane

Kind Of Reminds Us Of The Go-Betweens, Dinosaur Jr.

With their debut EP out on the the 1st of April, No Love For Back Home swells with dole-wave breeziness but builds to energetic indie rock conclusions. Having opened this years Laneway festival in Brisbane and winning some exciting support slots for international touring acts, expect to hear more of these boys in 2016.


Weaning Lamb Chris Wattschriswatts

Track Let Go

Based In Melbourne

Kind Of Reminds Us Of San Sisco,

This addictively catchy tune just screams summer. Despite the approaching winter, you can just listen to this and remain optimistic. He is launching this tune on the 26th of March (Easter Saturday) at Shebeen in Melbourne, and this equally sunny video is out now to help you get psyched up.