ft. Twin Haus, Taxidermy Hall, M83, Black Cab and HAELOS


With more electronic influences than you could poke a stick at, this week’s Prime Cuts are a little less diverse than usual, but they pay off is just as rewarding. With experienced krautrock electronic artists like Melbourne’s Black Cab returning with a new single on the back of an upcoming tour, and then to their contemporary successors, Brisbane based, Twin Haus we also take on some international music goodness from M83 and HAELOS.




Artist: Twin Haus

Prime Cut: Nothing Lavish EP

Cut From: Brisbane, Aus

Kind Of Reminds Us Of: Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Explosions In The Sky

Clocking in at a little over 9 minute, it can often allude to a heavy load of self-indulgence, over-confidence and meandering tiresome jams. Fear not, as this is far from what Twin Haus have delivered, instead, ‘Nothing Lavish’. Showing off every bit of a band who can take the listener to wonderful new heights of pure intense pleasure. ‘Nothing Lavish’  is gripping as it is provoking, drawing you in to a climatic, beautiful crescendo.


0000730167_10Artist: Taxidermy Hall

Prime Cut: Just

Cut From: New Zealand / New York

Kind Of Reminds Us Of: Japanese Wallpapers, Houses

Well here is an interesting fact for you. There is a place in NZ called Devonport, where thrives a High School called Takapuna Grammar. Spawning some great local talent including Lorde, and Rob Dickens (aka Taxidermy Hall). Although he has moved to Brooklyn to pursue a wider audience, emotionally  he is tied to his hometown. Just is his second US release. It is lush, considered and beautifully produced.


m83-solitude-new-song-listen-streamArtist: M83

Prime Cut: Solitude

Cut From: Los Angeles, USA

Kind Of Reminds Us Of: Four Tet, Air

Anthony Gonzales has release 6 studio albums.  With each delivery, Gonzales proves his weight in gold as a major influence over the dynamic musical world of electronica. ‘Solitude’ is an interesting choice of single release. Comparatively mellow but as always, produced to perfection. Combining strings, sweeping 80’s sounding guitars. ‘Solitude’, could easily have contended for the latest bond movie. Compelling, lavish and epic.


Article Lead - wide6330854611oxi8image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.11ox6q.png1416282887650.jpg-620x349Artist: Black Cab

Prime Cut: Uniform

Cut From: Melbourne, Aus

Kind Of Reminds Us Of: M83, Friendly Fires

Much of the Melbourne electro-indie music scene is young. By no means a bad thing but there is a sense naïvity in its delivery. Then there are bands like Black Cab. With heavy influence from Krautrock and 80’s electronica, the duo have emerged with this immensely dance-able prime cut that should seem them getting a bit more recognition that is deserved.


Haelos_globe1_JesseJenkinsArtist: HAELOS

Prime Cut: Pray

Cut From: London, UK

Kind Of Reminds Us Of: Jamie XX, London Grammar

HAELOS arrived at the perfect time and will quickly join the ranks of great artists like London Grammar, The XX, Jamie XX, Chvrches, Burial, Disclosure and Purity Ring. Perhaps, if us punters are kind, they could even rise above it all. Taken from the equally amazing debut Pray, HAELOS delivers on beat, vocals, samples, groove and emotion. A contender for top album and single of the year.