A Live Experience with Le Pie, Edward R. and Sparrows at Oxford Art Factory Sydney, 26 February 2016

faceless - fem 1 - alexaLe Pie, who is an up and coming singer/songwriter from  Sydney’s pretty cool suburb of Newtown, graced the OAF with her smooth slow rock tunes accompanied by the support of the amazingly peculiar Sparrows and the ever so talented, Melbourne based artist, Edward R. We knew we were in for a good night irrespective, thanks to the team at Rare Finds who provided us with some Sailor Jerry drink cards to kick-start the night. Thank you.

 Oxford Art Factory (OAF) is an accommodating second home to Sydney gig punters so I knew that the acts playing tonight were there for a good reason. Oxford Arts has always supported the Australian music industry and is known for being one of Sydney best live music venues, who always delivers talent whether it be big or small.

To be honest, I didn’t know too much about tonight’s line-up but that is what is great about writing for TWL, we head to gigs that we may well not have attended before. Frustratingly, each of these artist lacks online presence, whether it be from YouTube videos or SoundCloud clips, but this added to their air of uncertainty of what may unfold with tonight’s proceedings.

MOM_RF_005The night began with up-coming singer Sparrows whose song On Your Own has picked up quite a lot of attention from serious local music punters in the past two months, since its release. Despite having some technical difficulties, as one woman show and with unfortunate lack of some audience members attention, she did not appear deterred and delivered a great set thanks to a captivating and unique voice, sounding similar to Julia Stone. Sparrows’ music has a very spiritual feel to it, as the set progressed the audience has a strong sway in reaction to her sound. A great start to the night.

Edward R. was something out of this world, having released just one song ‘Wolves and the Water’ he absolutely blew the now growing audience away The interaction between Edward R. and the audience was special and engaging he put absolutely everything into the set. Left the crowd wanting to hear more. The band played with such passion and connected so well on stage that it really got us moving creating a lot more energy floating around the room, and set the picked up the vibe for the night. It felt inevitable that he will be huge very soon.


MOM_RF_028Finally, the vibe was set for the beautiful Le Pie to play her dreamy, slow rock set. It was so nice to see the main act be a woman and for there to be so much support for her tonight. Despite it being difficult to make out much of her vocals with the overpowered band mix, after the first song things did improve, and when they played out “Secrets” the support was evident. Le Pie captured the crowd with her witty remarks, her effortlessly smooth voice and dreamy lyrics. Quite similar sounding to that of Best Coast, yet Le Pie has a bit more girl power in how she exudes herself on stage. There was a strong reaction to each of her songs throughout the set, and she ended the night in the right tone and I hope to hear more from her.



All in all it was a great night. It would be been even better if the sets were longer as they were quite short and compressed. I felt as though there was so much more to offer from all of the artists that played that night, and the audience was definitely left wanting to hear more as well. Other than that I’m happy to be introduced to more talented up and coming artists and to add some great tunes to my collection.

Photography by Nyssa Mitchell