A Live Experience with Jade Alice (Melbourne Music Bank Winner 2015) and James Franklin at Shebeen Melbourne, 18th February 2016

DSC_0024jameslondon_jerome_yellowJade Alice was last years winner of the Bank of Melbourne Music Awards, a new Victorian award that sets out to uncover the states most musically talented. Tonight Jade Alice offer us an insight into her quirky, fun and very catchy song writing ability as she launching her debut single Kick Drum.

James Franklin , is a young “local” boy (something around 18-19 years of age) and the son of ex-lead singer Little River Bands,Steve Wade so you can comfortably suggest that music is really in his blood. James Franklin took centre stage position with his acoustic guitar to share a few original songs and a couple of covers, to what we are sure were many unheard ears.  With a look that may be a touch inspired by Axl Rose in his younger days, Franklin sings a little like Marvin Gaye while strumming  a left hand guitar held upside down (right handed).  Franklin is clearly very talented  and has a great road ahead of him and is songwriter if he can build an allegiance of followers.  Good luck to him.

DSC_0138After an hour the audience had doubled,  a testament, even on a smaller scale to Jade Alice’s talent. It was the first time I had ever heard of Jade so naturally was completely uncertain of what to expect. Jade is only 18 so important to add that to the context of tonight’s performance and with playing into her first offering it was an instant hit with the crowd, using a sampler to juxtapose different tones of voice to create a musical rhythm, singing and the occasional beat-boxing. It was completely captivating as she played between guitar and piano, helped along by prerecorded drum beats on her mac.

DSC_0089There is no surprise to witness that Jade can sing and perform at such a professional level, she knows how to move on stage and knows  how to communicate with the audience. Each of her songs are stories told that reflect a level of honesty in her songwriting. On winning her award her response again sums up what this artists is all about. “If you listen to the music I’ve written and you see me, then you aren’t really getting much out of it, but if you listen to that music and you see yourself, then you may learn things about yourself and the song’s purpose.”

Tonight’s turn of events was the arrival of a full band of guitar, double drum, bass and keyboard who accompanied Jade for three songs, including Kick Drum that was hypnotic as it was entertaining and an expected ending to an accomplished little performance. A great night for her growing fans and another reminder of young talent growing out of Melbourne town.

Photography by Georgia Grace