A Baa Baa Blaah with Leisure Suite_ talking fried food, music videos and new music

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Literally and coincidentally on the day of the release of their sophomore EP of their appropriately Lay Low, The Wandering Lamb had a Baa Baa Blaah with mellow dream pop duo Leisure Suite to find out a little more on their love for fried food and the making of their latest music video for the sublime Heavy Head.  Lay Low is out now with thanks to Deaf Ambitions and you can see the band play live on a few upcoming dates.  Check out our Facebook page for more details.

Okay, perhaps an obvious question to kick things off and perhaps you may be sick of being asked, BUT, can you tell The Wandering Lamb about your mutual love of fried food? How deep does your love go? Best fried dish?
Haha, this has been the first time we’ve been asked about this! Fried food has always been the centrepiece for all our meetings. We won’t discuss anything music related without a belly full of fried food, so it seemed most logical to include it in our bio.

A current favourite at the moment would have to be the Golden Axe burger from 8-Bit. You just can go past a good fried chooky burg.

Your self-titled debut was, well, delicious. Despite a short amount of time, has much changed since your first release and your latest single release Heavy Head?
I think the biggest difference between our Debut EP and the music we’re writing currently is in the song writing and production itself. We’re definitely slowly finding our feet and discovering each others weaknesses and strengths and using that knowledge to put together our songs.

With the first EP there was a lot of back and forth online and sending through loops and small parts to each other. However, with the new EP we have written there was more an emphasis on being in the same room and putting together the pieces of a track. What I hope comes through in the music we currently writing is a stronger relationship between vocals and production.

The music clip for Heavy Head is suitably mesmerizing, it’s another wonderful track. Can you tell us about the video’s production and the underlying narrative? How involved where you both in its production?
One of my best mates James Robinson came up with the concept for ‘Heavy Head’, I gave him pretty much free rein on where he wanted to take the clip under the condition that it was a more of an art concept rather than a full blown ‘music video’. I really wanted the video to convey a specific mood rather than your typical narrative/storyline. In the end I think he did that perfectly by shooting on Super 8 film and using colour filters to create a feeling of restlessness and anxiety (which basically the song is all about). I’m really proud of that video.

Melbourne gets coined as one of the best cities in the world for great, undiscovered new artists. Many years back, well, we were skeptical but something in our local water has made the last few years live up to this big reputation. What is your opinion on the Melbourne music scene/industry?
I think we’ve always made a conscious effort to surround ourselves with people who work towards building a music community in Melbourne, rather than those who turn it into a competition. There are people in Melbourne who do this, but I think we’re lucky to make music in a city where this is less common. We’ve never released a record/video/whatever solely on our own, we’ve always had a small team helping us create and release the music we make. I think living in Melbourne has really allowed these friendships to foster through music. There’s so much amazing music happening here ­– almost too much. I reckon I suffer from FOMO every weekend because there are just too many good things happening!

You have the support from the excellent team at Deaf Ambitions. What do they have planned for you in 2016?
Our new record! Which is out this week. Aside from that, we have a new film clip in the works and a bunch of new music we’re excited to develop and put towards a new release.

The Wandering Lamb has a love for new music and an urge to share. What new music are you listening to that you care to share?
Mitch_ I’ve had ‘Glory’ by Good morning pretty much on repeat since it came out recently. The Ocean Party released a bunch of B-sides which are really great too! Also, Infinite Bisous Two track – “Teen Sex / Life + You”