A Baa Baa Blaah with Peter Sagar from HOMESHAKE, Talking midnight snacks, mix-tapes and French translation

Peter Sagar (second from left) with his band Homeshake

Peter Sagar is singer/songwriter for Homeshake, once guitarist for Mac DeMarco, Peter and band are on their way to Australia to play a handful of shows, following the release of Midnight Snacks. With thanks to the team at Future Popes, we had a little Baa Baa Blaah with Peter before he jumped the plane to our sunny laid-back shores, a perfect match to Homeshakes sound.

TWL_LOGO_LambPeter, you have had some quite profound and deep response to your music with the likes of “There’s a sense of despondency on [Heat], with Sagar sounding vulnerable and bare.” And “Midnight Snack plays like a trip back to the woozy, lust-​fuelled R&B of the ’90s,​” and our favourite “I want to slow dance with a beautiful woman to this album, in its entirety,​” f​rom someone on​Facebook. For those of us in Oz who are new to your music, can you offer us ​an insight​into you music?

I’ve always found questions like this nearly impossible to answer.  My influences change day to day, and probably include every record I’ve ever heard, so I often will just pick whatever I had been listening to the day.  Most of the subject matter has something to do with anxiety or stress, music is very therapeutic for me, an outlet to work out whatever i’m concerned with at the time.

TWL_LOGO_Lamb Having toured around the world playing guitar with Mac DeMarco, what is like touring with your very own band that you now “front”?

Good, I’m in control of what I’m doing and can keep my life balanced.

To clarify Peter, this isn’t your “debut” tour of Australia? You’ve been here before right? Is there anything, apart from playing your gigs, that you are looking forward to doing or seeing (or again)?

Yeah I was there a year or two ago.  I haven’t really thought about what to do much, but I’ll definitely be buying a big bottle of sunscreen and hitting the beach with the rest of the guys.

TWL_LOGO_LambThe Wandering Lamb is all about “a love for music and an urge to share”, can you share with us, any new music you are listening to at the moment and what makes it so good?

You gotta hear the new Lil B mixtape, it’s 63 songs, so many hits its out of control.

TWL_LOGO_LambMaintenant que vous êtes basé à Montréal, vous êtes en mesure de parler français? Si oui, des plans d’écrire une chanson avec des paroles en français? (We translated with Google translation, if you can, please respond in French and we will translate it back and see how correct it is)

J’ai fais l’immersion francais jusqu’a la 9ieme annee, mais tous mes amis sont anglophone alors tous the francais que je parle est au fruiterie et buanderie.  I bet I spelled half of that wrong.  Ugh.​

Now, if you cant read French, of which we expect most of you reading this can’t, click on this link to Google Translator to reveal the answer.

TWL_LOGO_LambYou have been asked many times about the change in direction that you took with your latestalbum Midnight Snack.  Did you turn to any influences to help with the process of using synths?  Any challenges?

I was finding less and less inspiration to write for guitars and needed to shake it up a little, so I bought a synth, so it was born from necessity i guess.

TWL_LOGO_LambTaking lead from your latest album title, Midnight Snack, we can’t go past a simply slice of Vegemite on toast?  What is your choice of midnight snack?

I prefer marmite 😉

HOMESHAKE’S Australian Tour Dates are:

Brisbane 25th Feb at Brightside

Gold Coast 26th Feb at Elsewhere

Melbourne 27th Feb at The Curtin.

Click on Venue for Tickets.