ft. High Highs, Caverns of Anti-Matters, Junior Boys, The Dandy Warhols, The Lumineers

There are some mighty big albums set for delivery this month and most of these Prime Cuts we deliver, are taken from some of these albums.  First up are High Highs, the Sydney duo who live in New York and write music that defines blissed out indie-pop. The Lumineers are back with an equally catchy prime cut, as are The Dandy Warhols, who we learn, never really left, we just lost sight of them.  Junior Boys, provide an infectious trance/dance track from their latest album and we have Caverns of Anti-Matter, a psychedelic track with guest vocals from Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox

Artist  High Highshigh highs

Cut  How Could You Know

Cut From New York, United States

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Fleetwood Mac, Washed Out

Formed in Sydney, the duo, Jack Milas and Oli Chang, moved over to New York to establish their musical voice, and a harmonious one it is.  How Could You Know, is taken from their second album, Cascades,  an album full of laid-back, gently sweeping pop songs that are infectious and soothing. This track is one of the bigger tracks on the album, with an 80s vibe but never losing sight of their trademark pop sound. We look forward to their upcoming live shows in Australia.


Artist Cavern of Anti-Matterscavernbradford

Cut  Liquid Gate

Cut From  Berlin, Germany

Kind of Reminds Us Of  John Grant, Stereolab

Caverns of Anti-Matter is the side project of Stereolab’s Tim Gane, his hugely influential band are still going strong, making music for over 25 years.  Liquid Gate, carries the underlying quirky sounds of Stereolab in all of its glorious 2 minutes. Deerhunters Bradford Cox offers his vocals to complete this psychedelic pop vibe.  This is extremely cool, but at just 2 minutes, we are left wanting more.


Artist  The Lumineerslumineers

Cut  Ophelia

Cut From  Colorado, United States

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Of Monsters and Men, Delta Spirit

In 2012 The Lumineers released their debut self-titled album and received mass appeal around the world for their festival folk song writing ability, particularly their hit single Hey Ho,”I belong with you, You belong with me”.  Ophelia follows the same tempo and foot-stomping beat, with yet another catchy melody, Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites writing another catchy song that will certainly pick up from where they left off.


Artist  The Dandy Warholsdandy warhols

Cut  You Are Killing Me

Cut From  Oregan, United States

Kind of Reminds Us Of  The Breeders, DeerHunter

The Dandy Warhols are still together?  With so much music flooding the air waves, we can be quick to forget some of the bands of the past, these Portlandia “legends” being one of them.  This single You Are Killing Me, carries all the grit that you now expect from the band and their melodic pop undertones.  They have been signed to Dine Alone Records so we expect another album on its way.


Artist  Junior Boysjunior boys

Cut  No One’s Business

Cut From  Ontario, Canada

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Simian Mobile Disco, Holy Ghost!

Junior Boys formed in 1999, their last album was in 2011 with Domino Records, they now return in 2016 with Big Black Coat, signed to the equally great label City Slang.  They have already release a few tracks leading up to the release of this album, an album full of outstanding dance tracks that weave  some interesting trance melodies.