A Live Experience with Elliot Maginot at Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne, 4th February 2016


                                                                    Photographer, Georgia Grace


Elliot Maginot is a French-Canadian singer/songwriter’s, whose name isn’t Elliot Maginot. His talent for writing dreamy pop songs with lyrics dabbled in painful love and regret, perhaps lend to his preference to perform under his pseudonym name, a way that allows him to escape the daily predicaments of life.  Tonight, his show in Melbourne was captivating, with a handful of songs that melted our hearts. Placed between two other melancholy men, Brendan Forward and Matt Stillert, the evening was offered with dreamy ballads and powerful rock chords. An interesting venue, a heavenly voice and a night to remember.

From a very Aussie invitation (a friend of a friend who knew … someone), TWL was invited to Elliot Maginot’s solo performance at Whole Lotta Love in Brunswick East. The crowd really shuffled inside around 9pm when the earnest singers was set to start. Elliot Maginot’s presence was immediately felt when he started tuning his glamorous red Gretsch Panther guitar and fiddling with the microphone. Without a cult following yet here in Australia, this was a set to spike interest, get us hooked and reel us in and this Montreal man did exactly that.

                                                  Photographer, Georgia Grace

With this being an independent show, his album Young/Old/Everything.In.Between was the centrepiece of tonight’s performance. With a career background in garage-bands and a “hermit period” as he likes to call it, he spent his formative years developing his musical ability and fine tuning it to what it is today. Two of his more popular songs, Monster At War and Bell,  were a big hit with the crowd. His distinct music, fitting somewhere in between Beck, Frightened Rabbit and Bob Dylan also drew influence from folk/rock music, his heartbreaking lyrics and low-res guitar sound were more than music to our ears. In my mind, it was like being called by a siren from across the dark and gloomy sea.

Between sips of beer and playing with his harmonica holder, while glancing around the crowd was fascinating, there were couples
huddled up close on bar stools, new acquaintances holding hands and a general feeling of nostalgia all around. The truth of his music is deep and profound, we all could relate, finding the ones you love and holding them close, knowing what heartbreak really feels like and how growing up can be so damn exhausting.

Closing his set tonight, Elliot Maginot finished laying the foundation of what he’d been yearning about all night.  Jepeto, though normally played with a few band mates, was performed to perfection solo and had all the ladies smiling, not to mention the men wrapping their arms around anybody and everybody. His alternative, folk sound lulled to a silence followed by a round of passionate applause and each of us taking with us, a Thursday night to remember.

                                           Photographer, Georgia Grace