Prime Cuts ft. Twin Peaks, Frankie Cosmos, Animal Collective, The Crookes, MONEY

For every early months of the year brings new music that has us excited for the year ahead, but there is something in our woolly bellies that has us thinking, 2016 may be the year we have been waiting for.  Perhaps we say it every year but after the selection of these 5 new songs from artists such as MONEY, from Manchester and The Crookes, from Sheffield, who have both released quite exceptional albums, we hope that things remain as positive as they set out to be.  Frankie Cosmos, the daughter of Kevin Klein and Phoebe Cates has a new song that we urge to share, as we do Animal Collective and Twin Peaks. 

Artist  Twin PeaksTwin-Peaks

Prime Cut  Walk On The One You Love

Cut From  Chicago, USA

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Ultimate Painting, Temples

With an opening riff that sounds much like the Rolling Stones, this track sees Twin Peaks, up the groove slightly from their debut album with hand claps, some subtle “winds” and all round good time summer feeling.  Formed in 2009 still in High School, these lads write tunes way beyond their time and do it with such little effort.


Artist  Frankie CosmosFrankie_Cosmos_at_Cambridge,_MA

Prime Cut  Sinister

Cut From  New York City, USA

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Camera Obscura, Waxahatchee

This isn’t the first time we have featured Frankie Cosmos at TWL, this fine young pop singer/songwriter is the daughter of actors Kevin Klein and Phoebe Cates, not that this should make any difference to the recognition we hope this artist should be getting.  Sinister, continues in sound and style to her 2015 release of pleasantly sweet pop music.


Artist  Animal Collectiveanimal-collective

Prime Cut  Lying in The Grass

Cut From  Baltimore, USA

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Panda Bear, Of Montreal

Animal Collective may not be to everyone’s taste, their music can be a challenge to get your head around or simply understand, but there is no denying their pioneering ability to push boundaries. To coincide with a “world tour”, the band have released Lying In The Grass, a track full of overlay vocals and glitching electro-oddities.  Stick with it, its a real grower and once your ears train to the beat, you will be converted.


Artist  The Crookesthe-crookes-ws-710

Prime Cut  The World is Waiting

Cut From  Sheffield, UK

Kind of Reminds Us Of  The Vaccines, Bruce Springsteen

Recently featured album of the week on the much adored BBC Radio 6, The Crookes, are far from an overnight success. The World is Waiting is taken from their brilliant album Lucky Ones. This is an album and a band that has all the  makings of being big in 2016, with its fine British swagger and some great branding (website, band name, look, sound all big ticks), TWL hopes to see The Crookes over to these shores for some gigs, they would go down a treat.


Artist  MONEYMONEY-byJulienBourgeois02smaller-1024x569

Prime Cut  Ill Be The Night

Cut From  Manchester, UK

Kind of Reminds Us Of  The Smiths, Bright Eyes, The Verve (early)

According to the Bella Union website, the label to which they are signed, that band formed in Manchester and “embody the passion, creativity and optimism of a new generation of artists and musicians from there (Manchester)” It was hard to choose one song from their debut album, Suicide Songs, this debut is nothing but exceptional.  In a world where we are blessed with so much new music thanks to our connectivity and ability to produce music from one device, the flip side is so many bands get lost so quickly.  This is one band, we sincerely hope rises above the noise.