Issue #19 ft. Fait (Perth, Australia) Great News (Bergen, Norway) SATE (Toronto, Canada) Alice Ivy (Melbourne, Australia) Drangsal (Berlin, Germany)

Easing back into the realities of life post holiday season, and with almost a whole month of the new year already past, it’s already so exciting to hear what the new year will bring in terms of fresh, new artists and their music from around the world. Another impressive bunch of newcomers for you in this issue of Weaning Lambs, as always, as well as a diverse mix of sounds – everything from ambient noise/shoegaze, chill wave electronic sounds, indie pop, powerful blues-rock and new wave inspired indie tunes. As it our greatest pleasure to be supporting new and emerging artists, make sure that you too can do your bit and have a listen below!

Weaning Lamb FaitFait. Picture by Daniel Grant, Photographer.

Track Solace

Kind Of Reminds Us Of My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai

Based In Perth, Australia

Brainchild of Elise Higgins, Fait are already know to us at The Wandering Lamb due to a flawless performance at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne a year or so ago, so it’s no surprise to be hearing some stellar new music from Fait and her band. Dreamy, whimsical ebb and flow of noise pop, this instrumental track will take you somewhere else.


Weaning Lamb Great Newsgreat_news2016-press-photo-1a

Track Diamonds

Kind Of Reminds Us Of Two Door Cinema Club, Pheonix

Based In Bergen, Norway

For a song that the band describes as akin to the feeling of slipping on ice, this is a very sunny, upbeat sounding song. With a heavy indie pop/rock backbone, layered with a touch of Mac Demarco guitar tone, bouncy as hell bass lines and reverb-y vocal harmonies, it’s no wonder that this song has already been getting the band plenty of attention back home.


Weaning Lamb SATEsate1banner

Track What Did I Do

Kind Of Reminds Us Of The Dead Weather, Tina Turner

Based In Toronto, Canada

If you put Sharon Jones (or Tina Turner, or Janis Joplin) in front of Jack White’s later guitar work and filled it out with a full, emotive, powerful band and some pretty shmick production, it would give you an idea of this latest single from Toronto’s SATE. This single is big, ballsy and accompanied by the fantastically shot video below. Highly recommended.


Weaning Lamb Alice Ivynmkppjra

Track Touch (ft. Georgia Van Etten)

Kind Of Reminds Us Of Flying Lotus, The Avalanches

Based In Melbourne, Australia

With a dialogue sample from Disney’s version of Alice In Wonderland layered over a trippy, sweeping chill wave track and some on point vocals from Geelong/London soul singer Georgia Van Etten, this is one to stick on repeat. Catch Alice on one of her tour dates around Australia as she hits the road in support of this new single.


Weaning Lamb Drangsaldrangsal_electronicbeats_12401

Track Allan Align

Kind Of Reminds Us Of The Cure, Blondie, Duran Duran

Based In Berlin, Germany

With a refreshing, modern twist on the greatest sounds to come out of 80’s new wave and post punk, 22 year old solo artist Drangsal (or Max Gruber to his mum) has cast his infectious, blasting pop tune here against a backdrop of this haunting video reflective of his musical awakening as a child in Germany’s deeply Catholic southwest.