Issue #18 ft Human Buoy (Perth, Australia) Ironwoods (Hawaii, USA) Syvia (Brooklyn, USA) High Pines (Brooklyn, USA)

Weaning Lambs is back for another musical filled year and it sure is great to be back, we have missed sifting through track after track of great new music.   For those who are new to this post, it works like this.  Each fortnight we select a handful of songs from all the emails we get sent from around the world. Songs from lesser known bands and their promoters who seek some exposure.  We simply give each track our time and then select our favorites and share them with you.  This is music that you would otherwise not hear and we like to think we are doing our bit to support fresh new music.  So, lets frolic things off like all good lambs  with a selection of artists from Hawaii, Perth and Brooklyn. See you in a fortnight. Enjoy!


Weaning Lamb  Human BuoyHuman-Buoy-happy1

Track  Oxygen

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Foxygen, Aerial Pink

Based In Perth, Australia

Human Buoy is the solo project of Ben MacDonald, a musician no stranger to his craft playing with bands such as Pond and R.W Grace.  This track is completely addictive on first take and with lyrics that go  “All I need is Avocado and Weed and Oxygen…” is enough to earn this track some recogntion. A sweetly laid back tune.


Weaning Lamb  Ironwoods12195099_10208182703627601_6351617859065330534_o

Track  Ice Fields

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Beach Fossils, Crepes

Based In Hawaii, USA

Through a gritty start of guitar feedback for 30 odd seconds (actually momentarily sounds like the start of Morrissey’s Suedehead..for 2 seconds, trust us), reveals jangly guitars, running base lines of what could easily be described as a complete pop sensation.  Ironwoods are from Hawaii and share all the laid back vibes that comes with their home town.  Shining moments throughout this track and a band we look forward to hearing more of.


Weaning Lamb  Syviatumblr_inline_nkjkcfqTrw1qhwgbk

Track  Anxious Animal

Kind of Reminds Us Of Editors, Lanterns on The Lake

Based In  Brooklyn, USA

Syvia is an electropop/rock band based in Brooklyn that pairs gritty guitar riffs with a dark Nordic spirit to create a sweeping ethereal sound.  Through a wall of almost melodic noise, cuts Ruth Mirsky’s raw and melodic vocals.  This track is both polished in production and sound and we really hope to hear more from these guys in 2016.


Weaning Lamb  High Pines0005581430_10

Track  Line of Gold

Kind of Reminds Us Of  Primal Scream,  Lower Dens, Jesus and Mary Chain

Mind Pattern Records, an independent record label from Brooklyn, NY sent us this track by Psychedelic Pop artist known as High Pines aka Leo Lugo.  Although this track is a few months old it forms part of a release called Sides A&B, Repetitions expected in February that we are super excited about.  The tracks cover a plethora of psychedelic musical landscapes all with their own grooves, layered with vocals, swirling guitars and very cool bass lines.  Absolutely spot on.


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