Wandering the fields of music in 2016 – Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Gorillaz, Metronomy, The XX

While we anticipate the New Borns for January 2016, (check out our previous post oat Wandering Lamb Music Blog) there is also a whole lot of chit chat going on about some other massive bands that plan to deliver new music but the delivery day is lost in a field somewhere.

It has been coming up 4 years since Radiohead have release an album so you can imagine the delight when the Oxford chaps announced that they put together a sweeping and haunting track for the latest James Bond theme. Mystery surrounds the reason why it wasnt released, and in comparison to Sam Smith’s, we cant hear any reason.  With regards to a new album, well the band have confirmed that there latest offering is complete but they keep re-evaluating the tracks.  A release date is as yet confirmed.

Icelandic maestros, Sigur Ros have taken some time out since the release Kveikur in 2013, although had written a hanting short hymn almost, for an espisode of Game of Thrones, ‘The Lion and the Rose’ performed at King Joffrey’s wedding ceremony.  Earlier this month,it was confirmed that the band members Georg Holm and Orri Dyrason were the producers behind The Three Dogateers Save Christmas, a 2014 movie about three talking dogs who take it upon themselves to save Christmas from burglars.

Back in July 2015, Justin Vernon played 2 new songs at the Eaux Claires Music Festival but little is known about any new album, since he announced he wouldnt be touring or writing new music as Bon Iver.  Although we cant find much more about a new album, we have high hopes the band will pick up from the beautiful second album Holocene.

Band of Horses have been off the musical runaway for a few years, since releasing Mirage Rock, however Ben Bridwell was busy making music with Banquet, a somewhat “supergroup” with members of Grandaddy, Franz Ferdinand, Travis (Fran Healy) and some members out of Midlake. Anyhow, Band of Horses have their 5th studio album “in the can!” according to Twitter.

It has been 14 years since the Gorillaz’s released their debut, self-titled album and the world released the talent of Damon Albarn, not to mention taking the crown for the busiest man in pop.  Well, there is much anticipation about their 5th studio album that plans for release this year.  Jamie Hewlett, the equally creative genius has been twitting some hints leading up to an album, and with a tweet about David Bowie, there is a rumour that Mr Bowie will be guest appearing too.


Metronomy will celebrate 10 years since their debut, Pip Paine (Pay the $5000 you owe) and although there is not much we can give you about their 5th album set for release in 2016, we hope that the band continue in the same vein as their most successful album, Love Letters. Frontman Joseph Mount teamed up with Robyn in May 2015, to released a duet under the pseudonym Tony Primo and Nixxie for Australian thriller Partisan.

It comes as no surprise that The XX haven’t released an album since 2012’s Coexist, considering one third of the band (Jamie XX) has been busy making and touring one of the best albums of the year In Colour.  Instagram posts suggest however that the band have been in the studio for about a year, tinkering with instruments in an LA studio. Fellow band member Romy Madley-Croft played a big part in this album, and judging by this goose bump live version of Loud Places, whatever they produce will be just exquisite.