Issue #15 ft. Wishes (Sydney) Pertini (London) The fin. (Tokyo) Oscar Galt & The Eventual Somethings (Melbourne) Wild Honey (Sydney) The Rebel Light (Los Angeles) New Lovers (Sydney)

Consistency is not the “be and end all” according to TWL.  We aim to wean fortnightly artists/bands for you, but sometimes miss the deadline, life gets in the way…. but what we don’t apologise for is the lack of consistency in musical genre, and this weeks feature, we quietly prove it again, it is all about the music. With another hectic few weeks of compiling emails from PR companies, Artists themselves and fans alike, we have gathered for you, eight songs that we are certain you have not heard.  You see, that is the whole point of our Weaning Lambs feature, to present to you, the music lover, some music that is so fresh, much of it is self-promoted and needs a bit of support to be heard.  This week, we again travel the world for musical discover from the electronic shores of Australia, over to London, across to the States and we settle in Japan, where we discover that there is some fine (fine) music coming out of that inspiring country.  Give Weaning Lambs a try, trust us, we know what we are doing.



Weaning Lamb Wishes unnamed

Track  I Want To Be Alone With You

Kind of Reminds Us Of MGMT, Empire Of The Sun

Weaned From Sydney, Australia

Electronic music, with a big dose of indie-pop, continues to be the winning formula for many Australian producers and artists and this new track by Wishes is yet another confirmation.  Wishes, is John Towey, a Sydney based multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer and having learnt that he will be touring with Neon Indian in Oz, this coming December, we would suggest to keep an eye out for him.


pertiniWeaning Lamb Pertini

Track Ally Pally

Kind of Reminds Us Of Painted Palms, The Drums

Weaned From London, United Kingdom

Pertini are from London and we are told that they like to pen songs about their hometown. For those not in the know, Ally Pally is the slang term for Alexander Palace, a great venue on top of a hill in London town.  Great venue but crap acoustics. Anyhow, this is a great track full of electro urgency and fun, produced by the drummer of Micachu and the Shapes drummer, Marc Pell.


The fin. - Night Time Press shot.Weaning Lambs The fin.

Track Night time

Kind of Reminds Us Of Phoenix

Weaned From Kobe, Japan

It’s not often that we get introduced to bands out of Japan, so we met the track with such intrigue.  This track is infectious as it grows into a wonderfully summery tune, layered with quirky electro keys, falsetto harmonies and jangly guitars.  If this is the state of the Japanese indie-pop we want to hear more. “There’s this idea (among Japanese bands) that you have to make something different from the Western music you listen to,” says Yuto Uchino, singer


Weaning Lamb Oscar Galt & The Eventual Somethings


Track Play Things

Kind of Reminds Us Of Interpol, PJ Harvey

Weaned From Melbourne, Australia

From the opening crunchy guitar chords to the drums that quickly follow in suit (and time), this new track by Melbourne based Oscar Galt & The Eventual Somethings is more than eventual, its instant.  Their PR release likes them to Grinderman and The Dirty Three, well yes, perhaps but we hear a whole lot more.  We look forward to checking them out on our local gig circuit. Lucky us.


Weaning Lamb Rippersafe_image

Track On The Curb

Kind Of Reminds Us Of The Stooges, The Strokes

Weaned From Minneapolis, USA

Another great band discovery from Land Ski Records, this time we weaned out Ripper, a four-piece from Minneapolis who create some seriously dirty and gritty post-punk noise.  What makes this track worth a wean is its accessibility into a bit of punk, for those who may not be of the punk persuasion, and that counts for me too.  There is plenty to get your head around here and as a band, they sound tight and know how to play their kit, which goes for a lot of “punksters” out there (Yes, it is the appeal!)


Weaning Lamb Wild HoneyPress Shot 1

Track  Eye to Eye

Kind Of Reminds Us Of  Wild Nothing, The Crepes

Weaned From Sydney, Australia

Wild Honey is the brainchild of singer and songwriter Thom Moore, and he is “very good”.  Playing  out from Aussie hipsterville of Bondi, perhaps it’s quite obvious where the summery vibes come from.  Hesitant to put it as a Weaning Lamb track as we are very surprised it isn’t a bigger than it is however with ongoing air play on Triple J in Australia, let’s hope the band get what they deserve.  Listen to the whole EP, it is seriously brilliant.


Weaning Lamb The Rebel LightThe-Rebel-Light

Track Strangers

Kind Of Reminds Us Of Wild Nothing, The Shins

Weaned From Los Angeles, USA

The PR company of The Rebel Light made contact with TWL with an almost apologetic for checking in and wanting our feedback on this track.  Well the fact that we have it listed here, pretty much answers that question. Its completely impressive. Somewhat West Coast in its sound and vibe, Strangers blends all the goodness from London indie inspired shores and then dips them in gently into sea and sand of LA, with a result that we hope will see this band go places.


Weaning Lamb New Loversunnamed (1)

Track Impunity

Kind Of Sounds Like Nick Cave, Early Simple Minds, The Fall

Weaned From Sydney, Australia

Did someone turn a best of 80s New Romantics soundtrack on?  The opening 20 seconds of this track is certainly that.  Go on….. take your pick on who used that guitar effect in the 80s! Judgements soon subside as this masterful track takes us on a journey through musical and lyrical excellence, that is both unique and capturing.  Give this a few listens and you will know what we mean.