Issue #17 ft. YAK (London, UK) Suntrodden (Atlanta, Georgia) Chris Storrow (Montreal, Canada) Takenobu (Atlanta, Georgia) Foxtails Brigade (Brookyln, New York)

17 issues (posts) down for Weaning Lamb’s and around 70 fresh new bands wiser.  We have learned so much about the importance of supporting new music that otherwise may not have had a platform, and again, we sincerely hope that our modest little blog is doing our bit to make a difference.  To all of those 1000’s of artists around the world who not only make the music they love, but also, for allowing us the opportunity to listen and in some cases promote, WE SALUTE YOU. So to cap off a fantastic year and very new music, we again cross the popular regions of the world to bring you some great artists.  Topping things is YAK, a band that soon will need no introduction, they are already making it but we had to get in there too.  We go to Atlanta, Georgia to check out two artists, Suntrodden and Takenobu, both melodic tracks, then a stop over in Brooklyn for the eclectically charming Foxtails Brigade and over to another artists who has friends in the right places, Chris Storrow. Read on and it’ll make sense. From the Weaning Lamb, we wish you a frolicking festive season.



Weaning Lamb  YAKyak nme

Track  No

Kind of Reminds of us The Hives, David Byrne, Nick Cave

Based In London, United Kingdom

From the first moment the dirty bass line strums in to the driving drum soon after, well, you probably much no you are in for an assaulting treat.  YAK dont really deserve a Weaning Lamb feature cos they really have already made it, tipped as one of the bands to watch by NME.  We just couldn’t resist claim them as ours thanks to the PR company allowing us first dibs of this track.  It may not be to everyone’s taste, but distributed by Jack Whites Third Man Records and recorded by Steve Mackey from Pulp, they are in good hands. You heard it here.


Weaning Lamb  Suntroddensuntrodden

Track Sunrise to Sunset

Kind of Reminds of us  Elliott Smith, Kings of Convenience

Based In Atlanta, Georgia

Erik Stephansson aka Suntrodden, debuts his stripped back songwriting that may well draw instant comparison, but rightfully so, doesn’t question the skillful honest of this chap. Set against a simple melody, his whimsical voice is delicate but oh so comforting.  A nice warming one for the Christmas spirit.


Weaning Lamb   Chris Storrowchrisstorrow - COS

Track Raised The Bar

Kind of Reminds of us Beirut,

Based In Montreal, Canada

Okay okay, we know that the Weaning Lambs feature is more for those artists who are unsigned and otherwise wont get the publicity they deserve, but we couldn’t go past this track from Chris Storrow, lead singer of Bossanova (we haven’t heard of them!).  A perfectly constructed pop song that has all the makings of commercial success in catchy progressions and choruses.  “If you walk back into my arms, Ive raised the bar now”….. complete with horns and all.  His upcoming album features some familiar friends Evan Cranley of Stars, Patrick Watson and Jace Lacek of The Besnard Lakes, George Donoso III of The Dears, Liam O’Neil of The Still and 8 and a Half, and Max Henry of Suuns and Young Galaxy.


Weaning Lamb Takenotokenubu

Track Curtain Call

Kind of Reminds of us  Olafur Arnalds, Winter Coats

Based In  Atlanta, Georgia

Takénobu is the moniker for classically trained cellist and independent composer Nick Takenobu Ogawa and although 5 albums in, will be well off many musical lovers radar.  Perhaps far too unique in its genre, or just the fact that it is difficult to draw comparison to this cello infused pop music, nevertheless, it is beautiful in its composition. His delivery constitutes a multitude of playing styles that fuse together to create a complex but delicate rhythmic sound.


Weaning Lamb Foxtails Brigadefoxtails brigade - image sophiasthaikitchen

Track Far Away and Long Ago

Kind of Reminds of us St Vincent, Julia Holter

Based In Brooklyn, New York

Its all about first impressions and the moment Far Away and Long Ago sweeps in with strings of obscurity, we know we are in for an accomplished and clever track.  This is chamber pop at its best, sweeping vocals, delicate percussion and all the melody once can muster.  A demented Alice in Wonderland instantly comes to mind as the song meanders back and forth like a dark dark waltz that really messes with your head in the most wonderful way. A lullaby for the tainted hearts.