Ft. Adele, Wafia, RUFUS, Wild Nothing, Jaala, The Jezabels

Another week of Prime Cuts to share with you, our followers of the herd.  This week we were spoilt with some outstanding new music from around the world.  We were surprised to hear that Wild Nothing, returned with not one, but two singles in lead up to a much anticipated follow up album.  RUFUS, out of Sydney change their tune literally and deliver a prime cut that is instantly addictive.  We got The Jezabels new track as the gear up for an Australian tour and we complete this weeks Prime Cut post with a bunch of very talented female artists, Wafia, Jaala and an artist called Adele, you may have heard of her and be suprised that TWL actually featured here. We have reason, a great track.


Artist Wafiawafia

Prime Cut Heartburn

File Next To Drake, Black Coast

Smooth, delicate, subtle and nuanced. Wafia’s ‘Heartburn’ is a simple but well defined piece of music that is best served when relaxing with friends or as a late night treat for one.


Artist RUFUSrufus-shot

Prime Cut Innerbloom

File Next To Sleep Decade, Tosca

Subdued but not emotionless. RUFUS return to the music scene with some 80’s movie soundtrack vibes (think Flight Of The Navigator). Another song to appreciate late at night. A slight tweek and you’ll have a club remix classic.


Artist Wild Nothingwild-nothing-50512902e118d

Prime Cut To Know You/TV Queen

File Next To Lower Dens, Craft Spells

Jack Tatum again proves such underrated talent with his double A side single following the infectious and superb album of a few years back Nocturne.  TV Queen is a driving track that is darker sounding for the band, but equally very Wild Nothing sounding with it’s slightly deranged 80s feel.  TV Queen, well its right back to Nocturne left of, melodic, pop-infused with Tatum’s perfectly suited and sweet voice.  Outstanding.


Artist The Jezabelsjezabels

Prime Cut Come Alive

File Next To Washington, The Grates

Haunting vocals, trademark delays and kicks that will resonate deep within. Jezabels have moved away from usual catchy licks for a mature, dynamically challenging style without losing their unique flavour.


Artist Adeleadele-new-song-19oct15

Prime Cut When We Were Young

File Next To Aretha Franklin, Stevie Nicks

A few days in and this youtube live version of upcoming single has had over 24 million hits.  This is really crazy to even fathom but the truth is Adele is the most successful artist in the world, if not history thanks to the wonderful world of social media.  Wether you love or hate commercial music, we are first to admit that there is something rather special about Adele, perhaps not her music as such, but the person she is, the sense of reality or maybe it is just her great accent.  This is a beautiful track that is real with real instruments!


Artist JaalaJaala-happy

Prime Cut Hard Hold

File Next To Joanna Newsome, Hiatus Kaiyote

Nothing short of magic. Dramtic, dissonate and perfect in it’s beautifully manic, barely controlled chaos. This is  tasty morsel you can’t afford to miss.