ft. Daughter, Lanterns On The Lake, The Cairos, Frankie Cosmos, Julien Baker

Prime Cuts for this 2nd week of November has TWL  deliver 5 new tracks that will certainly tickle the fancy of many music lovers.  Most of you will know of Daughter, so no introductions necessary, just another wonderfully dark tune that this 3 some deliver effortlessly.  In similar vain we offer Lanterns On The Lake, a fellow British band, fronted by
the very talented, Hazel Wilde. The Cairos and Frankie Cosmos change the vibe, bringing a more upbeat feel for this weeks Prime Cuts, while it is over to Tennessee, where 19 year old  Julien Baker delivers a gentle track, perfect for an evening for one. Enjoy! 
Artist Daughter20130425-daughter-x600-1366907979

Prime Cut Numbers

File Next To The Cure, Sigur Ros

It feels an eternity since Daughter, released their remarkably successful debut album If You Leave back in April 2013. The unmistakable voice of lead singer Elena Torna continues its haunting storytelling on their latest track Numbers and although no different to the sombre sounds of their debut album, this is still a gem and see will the band retain their mainstream following. A compelling video too.


Artist Lanterns On The Lakelanterns-on-the-lake-_-press2

Prime Cut Through The Cellar Door

File Next To Interpol, Arcade Fire

Lanterns On The Lake have  churned out some impressive songs in the background over the last 6 or so years since forming in Newcastle, UK. The band have gone through a few line up changes but with the foundations of the brilliant Hazel Wilde on lead vocals, their sound never looses the etheral, layered and dream-like soundscapes that make them always sound impressive and powerful.  Taken from their third studio album, Beings, this track is not yet a single but deserves our prime cut.


Artist Frankie Cosmosmaxresdefault

Prime Cut Young

File Next To  Saint Etienne, Girlpool

At just 2 minutes and around 2 seconds, this little ditty by Frankie Cosmos is so sickeningly sweet and catchy, it will quickly become a  6 minute and 6 seconds track when you play it 3 times.  Singer Greta Kline is the daughter of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, not that it makes much of a difference but gives you some insight that she is no stranger to their world of creativity and performance. Short and melancholic, Frankie Cosmos will hold you tight when you are feeling low.


Artist The Cairos191843_10150106800771666_4748983_o

Prime Cuts Love Don’t Feel Right

File Next To  Washed Out, World’s End Press

Brisbane band The Cairos hit a massive summer vibe with this latest prime cut.  Blissed out and psychedelic, the band have hit a great stride here, perhaps jumping on a slight bandwagon, but whatever it is, they play the sound perfectly well.


Artist Julien Baker25PLAYLIST4-facebookJumbo

Prime Cuts Sprained Ankle

File Next To Beth Orton, SOAK

This is the title track taken from the outstanding debut album by Julien Baker, a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Tennessee. The album was written in much isolation and the results are gentle, reflective, brittle and poignant.