PRIME CUTS feat. Lana Del Rey, Darwin Deez, Dustin Tebbutt and Ryan Adams

We’ve been on a quasi-hiatus her at TWL as everyone buckles down with uni studies, actual paid work and general life stuff. But never fear, the music is always consistent in our absence, as this week’s eclectic mix proves. For more new tunes, follow us on Spotify here!

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Cut: Honeymoontumblr_nlmq4nej001u1vdsto2_1280

Moments Of: Marilyn Monroe, Florence and the Machine

You can tell Del Rey wishes she was born decades earlier; this new tune drips classic cinema, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe and all the tragic feminine icons who died beautiful, loved hard and oozed glamour while they did it. Another searingly beautiful but oddly out of place gem from the queen of sad/pretty.

Artist: Darwin Deez

Cut: Rated R

Moments Of: One Direction, Weezerdarwin-deez-double-down-album-artwork-cover-art-2015

A very 80s vibe on this one, Deez has deviated slightly from his usual happy-bubble-pop for something closer to One Direction but with a grunge 90s rock guitar vibe. Not sure, but the reminiscing of teenage forays into over-stimulus on boobies and gore are kind of endearing.

Artist: Dustin Tebbutt

Cut: Winter Sun

Moments Of: Death Cab for Cutie, City and ColourDustinTebbuttHeadshot-11

Well, this is rather lovely. And sad. Sad lovely? I guess Del Rey does it. Actually, this is more like if Death Cab hopped on the folk bandwagon. Nice, but why is everything I’m reviewing today feel like it’s aimed at the emotional voracity of teenagers? I FEEL NOTHINNNNG.

Artist: Ryan Adams

Cut: Bad Blood

Moments Of: My Morning Jacket, Wilco

I’m a week behind I know, but SUCH a great cover album, we can always rely on Adams to morph pop fuzzle into Ryan-Adams-Taylor-Swift-1989meaningful indie with a sad voice and some jangly guitars. And that kids, is the secret to music. Have a listen to the full album and revel in the new side to TayTay you never heard. Or will hear from her. Maybe just listen to Adams’ back catalogue instead.