Issue #11: The Jaguar Club (New York) Biographer (Los Angeles) Starlight Girls (Brookyln) Buckled Shapes (Adelaide) Inspired & the Sleep (San Diego)

jameslondon1_blue_blurIn Issue 11, we rummage through over 100 emails of fresh new tracks delivered to us from around the world, from Brussels, Spain, UK and the USA and again the results always get excited. There is some great music out there and it is a privilege to be able to listen to each of them, we wish we could wean more, we just dont have time!  So, in this issue we hand-picked 5 artists from The Jaguar Club, who also offered an outstanding animated video to go with it.  Biographer is a solo artist who has a great talent while Inspired & The Sleep from San Diego, deliver a track that has all the makings of very good things.

Weaning Lamb The Jaguar Clubjaguar club

Track Hard Cider

File Next To The Go-Betweens

Based In New York City

Not only a catchy and dreamy track laden with reverbed guitars,  swirling percussion and harmonious vocals, the video to this wonderful little track is equally as wonderful.  Directed/Animated by William Popadic, the talent here is full circle.


Weaning Lamb Biographergrey lines

Track Spirit Riot, from Thin Grey Lines EP

File Next To  Villagers

Based In Los Angeles

Biographer is Dimitri Bilyk and he has just completed his 5-song EP of complete original work.  “Spirit Rot” is the single off of the EP and it was played, recorded, mixed and mastered by the talent himself, a track that is full of orchestral goodness, delicate but powerful vocals.


Weaning Lamb Starlight GirlsStarlightGirls_photo3byCarolineYoder_1500

Track Intrigue

File Next To Bats for Lashes, Marina and the Diamonds

Based In Brushwick, Brooklyn

Starlight Girls are a 6 piece band that describe themselves alluring and gothic-tinged theatricality, and that somewhat sums their sound up, particularly Fantasm. Found and lead singer Christina D plays keyboard and sings leads the way to deliver a seriously unique sound that bridges the gap on far to many musical genres to list.


Weaning Lamb Buckled Shapesbuckled shapes

Track Surface Again

File Next To Death Cab For Cutie

Based In Adelaide, Australia

We don’t know too much about about Buckled Shapes other than they have just delivered an 11 track debut album called Make Noise Now, that was written by Matthew Fraser who also got in touch with TWL.  Vocally honest, the music is accomplished, anthematic in structure. We wish these guys all the best and look forward to seeing them live, a sound that we think will sound even better!


Weaning Lamb Inspired & the Sleep

Track In My Labyrinth Mind

File Next To World’s End Press

Based In San Diego, California

Inspired & the Sleep is an indie-pop outfit with a revolving lineup surrounding singer-songwriter Max Greenhalgh & multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. Focusing on rhythm and melody, Greenhalgh’s loop-based demos are rewoven with additional psychedelic/jazz threads to construct groove-centered pop songs.