PRIME CUTS ft. Bad//Dreems, Smith St Band, FKA Twigs and Gary Clarke Jr.

This week we bring you an eclectic mix; first, a splashy cannonball into Prime Cuts with two local acts who enjoy wet willy-ing your earholes with their grungy yet sensitive sounds. Then ease into international waters with slinky new offerings from feminist-flavored FKA Twigs. Finally, Gary Clarke Jr’s new gospel-inspired track makes you all warm and melty inside.

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Artist: Bad//Dreems

Cut: Ghost Gumsbad_dreems_600

Moments of: The Cure, Little Bastard

The wave of Aussie-twanged alt-rock that began with Courtney Barnett, The Smith st Band and plenty others is still breaking, and songs like this remind us that it hasn’t even peaked yet. A comforting thought indeed. Bad//Dreems have no qualms in letting you know their influences, this pretty much sums up what would have happened if Robert Smith was born in Adelaide instead of Blackpool.

Artist: The Smith St Band

Cut: Regular Sexthe-smith-street-band

Moments Of: Violent Soho, Jebediah,

… No segway needed. Local legends of this generations take on Aussie rock bring their usual punk-infused garage to the table. The refrain “I Have No Money” speaks to me right now, listen to this if you’ve spent your pay check already, guaranteed catharsis. They still manage to make it sound cool though, so classic SSB.

Artist: FKA Twigs

Cut: Figure 8twigs-45548

Moments Of: James Blake, Purity Ring

This lady goddess can do anything and I’ll still lick it up off the ground. Pure, blissful, dark, sexy and all the good adjectives like that. There is a slight atmospheric change to her new stuff – more sparse, less full but no less FKA Twigsish. Her lyrics were always slightly ambiguous but with definite breathy suggestiveness, but these seem at once more explicit and less meaningful. Not complaining. Add this to your nookie playlist quick-smart. Also check out her kooky full EP clip below, but not on the nookie playlist, unless you’re into that stuff.

Artist: Gary Clarke Jr.

Cut: Church ft, Sonny Boy Slim20131126_gary-clark-jr-tune_91

Moments Of: The Black Keys, George Harrison

I just finally caught up on the whole Friday Night Lights craze, and Gary Clarke Jr was totally in one of the episodes playing in the background. Now I think of sweaty Tim Riggins whenever CGJ plays. Which is dumb because he’s really not vibing that sweaty football player in this song, it’s actually quite lovely. Good ol’ gospel and surprisingly none of Clarke Jr’s trademark Hendrix guitar.