Music Just Got A Whole Lot More Touchy Feely

The music industry is a fickle world and sometimes you just dont know what to believe what you read.  Perhaps not as overzealous as the regular celebrity world, but in the realms of slightly indie slants, we still manage to make stories more scandalous then they are probably are. Youd think us dignified snobs of music that is not of the commercial inclined would think better.  This week The Wandering Lamb laments over the state of musical media on the stories that made us grieve and saddened with the lack of support our media gives some respected stars.

This ties in nicely to our first lament, the story of Morrissey and his groping while going through security at San Francisco Airport and the lack of support received by both the media and the Airport itself. There is no denying that Morrissey has little time for “beating around the bush”, the man has strong opinions and to many, yearns for too much attention, beyond his music however, to not get the support and respect that each and everyone of us deserve. Well that is simply a load of bollocks.  No pun intended.

“In the interests of imperishable bureaucracy my submitted complaint against this ‘officer’ will obviously be either unread or ignored because, as we all know, on matters of officialism it is not possible to be pleasantly surprised by anything at all.” says Morrissey. 


Former bass player of Interpol was recently interviewed to discuss a few things relating to his departure from the band back in 2010, this lament comes delivered on behalf Carlos D, who blames Coldplay for leaving behind the rock world.  The band bored him so much that it made him realise that playing live was not for him anymore.  Carlos, we here you our friend.

“I think the moment for me, and it’s funny to think that this is the occasion for it, but when Coldplay – our old manager was Coldplay’s manager – played Saturday Night Live, he offered us tickets……And then when Coldplay came on, I felt bored, quite frankly. I knew then that there was something going on with me, some kind of identity shift, really. It really troubled me.”


Crossing over into the Commercial world, not that we like to, but….The Wandering Lamb couldn’t think how ridiculous it was to see this annoying woman pose in the most ridiculous way for her Madame Tassauds wax model in a provocative, no hang, just ridiculous position.  Extra security were called in because of visitors getting all “jiggy” with her backside.  Okay, its not appropriate and fair to be doing this to a wax model, but you cant sit back and think that behaviour like this wont happen.  Perhaps consider something a little more appropriate Nicki.



The nice lads of Death Cab For Cutie, equally got their fair share of bad behaviour by some idiots who decided to hack their website and post some crap as per below. Sadly, it is these artists, who do nothing but produce great music, keep out of the limelight, but still get provoked by a pack of fools who have nothing better to do with their time but think they are being funny but immature bullsh*t.  How these hackers think this is any humour is beyond the TWL and the below is just the G Rated…. The band were quick to respond and sort the posts out but it reminds us how vulnerable artists are while they use Social Media to gain exposure and have a voice.  Anyhow, its all part of the world we live in now, and you got to take it with a pinch of salt.

See you next followers.