The Pain of a Physical Work Out

Ive listened to more music then the average hipster born circa 1995 has had hot dinners, so I like to think I know a thing or two about music, what makes a good song, a good video clip, a good front-person, a good live show, etc etc.  My musical kindness stems beyond “indie” and “alternative” music and I like to think that I have such a broad liking for musical genres, my opinions in music are considered and fair.  Some of my favourite bands of the past and present come from the musical framework of Folk, Pop, Electronica, Soul, Rock, Blues, Deep House, RnB and, well….you get the idea.  So why oh bloody why do our commercial radios still play such a load of shit.

To some extent I have left this argument well behind me with thanks to technology that has allowed me to rely less (now, not at all) on commercial radio to feed me my new music, instead use the “related feature” on Spotify, tune in to international internet radio (Gimme Indie, Bleh) or actually spend some quality time actually making the effort to investigate for myself.  However, when I immerse myself into the real world and be part of the “masses” where I conform to routine, I have been exposed to a world that I thought no longer existed.

This painful exposure has reared its severely ugly head by way of my local GYM and despite my focus on building a healthy heart and a stronger body (I am getting older and gigs are getting harder by the year,yes, kids its gonna happen to you too) I find myself getting healthier, but getting more miserable.   The state of commercial music still has a lot to answer for and in my 3 times a week dealing with this crap, I think I have worked out what the hell is going on.  There are a lot of “artists” that line our top 20 singles of the week that have obscure names but the songs (or whatever you want to call them), sound exactly the same.  The samples are the same, the beat, the video clip….could it be that all these tracks by supposedly different artists, are actually by the same artists?  You dont see their face, you dont know anything about them.

Think about it….if they had the same Artist Name, it wouldn’t look good seeing the one artist lining around 12 songs of the 20 top artists.  Change your name, release a handful of tracks that all kind of sound the same so the AVERAGE punter gets slight variety and PRESTO….you have a shit load of Top 20 songs and make lots of money….its money money money……

When I saw that One Direction hit number 1, I got excited, atleast this critters do what they do, and don’t hide behind the fact that they rely on a production values to make it work.

I recently did a bit of investigating into these video clips to actually watch them again, try to make sense of it and try to understand why 90% of our population chooses such shit and in doing so, I found something quite disturbing.  On visit to Vevo, I found a gruesome discovery of statistical fact:

Taylor Swift  Blank Space – 1,089, 264,854 views

LMFAO  Party Rock Anthem – 928,152,390

Meghan Trainor   All About the Bass – 980,401,890

God help me.