Issue #9 Ft. Shapes on Tape, Isle Royale, Nadir Nair, AFFAIRS, Owen Rabbit

jameslondon1_blue_blurOur Weaning Lambs segment is really sparking some great interest with artists, promotional agents and managers and it reminds us  that a small little blogs like The Wandering Lamb can really do something to help artists find their way through the frantic noise that artists are now faced.  With well over 100 new tracks sent to us last week, again it was damn right difficult to choose just 5. To those artists who took the time to write to TWL personally, we thank you.  So to this weeks Weaning Lambs, again it is a mixed bag of Electronica and Guitars for good measure.  Each of these Weaning Lambs are outstanding and we urge  you to click below and start loving some fresh new music. See you next week.

Still Belive in Love PicWeaning Lamb  Shapes on Tape

Track  Still Believe in Love

File Next To  New Order, Death Cab For CutieDelphic

Based In  Brooklyn, USA

Shapes on Tape are a Brooklyn based musical project whose dynamic blend of rock and electronic instrumentation moves from dreamy, psychedelic ballads, through pulsing dance anthems, and into abrasive power pop. There are some real influences here from Death Cab For Cutie through to New Order.  Its catchy and a real grower. Energetic.


isleWeaning Lamb  Isle Royale

Track  Undertow

File Next To Washed Out, Japanese Wallpaper, SOHN

Based In  Chicago, USA

Google Isle Royale and all you will see is beautiful imagery of landscapes, flowing waters, beautiful mountains…funnily enough, this is pretty much what you would imagine if you were to close your eyes and listen to this great track by Chicago based Isle Royale.  A dreamy kaleidoscope of drifting sounds and delicate vocals makes this a perfect track to see the weekend out.  Blissful.


nadirWeaning Lamb  Nadir Nair

Track  Hardships

File Next To  FKA Twigs, Tricky,

Based In  Gothenburg, Sweden

Nadir Nair is Sweden based, although her heritage stems part Malaysian, part Indian and part Swedish, not that this makes any difference, it does help explain that there is genre binding for the music that Nadir believes.  With a constant sense of urgency and intensity, it will baffle me if this track doesn’t get more airplay and perhaps a visit from Nadir Nair to our shores, perhaps at Laneways.  Perfectly sorted, no wonder this is getting airplay from the beloved BBC Radio 6.


affairsWeaning Lamb  AFFAIRS

Track  Brothers

File Next To  Editors    

Based In  Manchester, UK

Affairs have already got a bit of worthy exposure in the UK, so perhaps not really in need of a good weaning, but with such big sounds and still early in the career, I wanted to get in quick before everyone else hears about them.  Musically this is outstanding and completely relevant in today’s musical landscape.  Vocally, a broad voice perhaps and does take some getting used to, but has a lasting impression.


Owen-Rabbit-FeatureWeaning Lamb  Owen Rabbit

Track  Holy Holy

File Next To  Editors    

Based In  Melbourne, Australia

We featured Owen Rabbit many months back, an artist that swept me up with his sheer talent and ability to mix up not only some great samples and beats but bring together the best of some great musical genres.  This is a great new track from the Melbourne artist and will hopefully see him cement himself a little further into the credible shores he deserves.