The Libertines, Shela Sue, Public Enemy and Foo Fighters

This week Lamb Jerome picks his favourite track of this week, providing to us with an eclectic mix of old rock favorites reworked and new songstress sounds. Enjoy!

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Artist: The Libertines

Cut: Gunga Din17b8e965

Moments Of: Dirty Pretty Things, Babyshambles

Certainly one of the most expected album of the year! The Libernites come back together again and tease us with this single made in Britain. Just an « avant- gout » of what’s to come! Exciting.

Artist: Shela Sue

Cut: Aloneselah3

Moments Of: Amy Winehouse

Even if the album release was a couple of months ago , it’s still spinning every day! What a great song for that great singer from Belgium, a voice and groove like no other that definitely gets stuck in your head.

Artist: Public Enemy

Cut: Me to WeManPlansGodLaughsCOVSM

Moments Of: Beastie Boys

The new Public Enemy release boosted my admiration for U.S rap (which, I’ve got to say , was pretty low after hearing the last snoop dogg album) Great album and great song among a lot of others!

Artist: Foo Fighters and 1000 other people

Cut: Learn to Flytumblr_static_27x81fo1vao0okoo8g0koogc8

Moments Of: Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters

This is actually the first time in my life that I’ve seen something like that! We all know the song, so just enjoy it. Just wow.