TWL’s New Editorial LAMBENT Kicks Off

Welcome to Lambent! A new feature that sees TWL bemoaning the state of today’s music scene. Feeling grumpy? Can’t understand what these whippersnappers are up to with their new fandangled sounds? Let this be your happy place and join us in a vent of all things musical in the last week.

Let’s start with Splendour sideshows. Word has reached our Lamb ears that triple J darlings MS MR were a disappointing gig at Melbourne’s 170 Russell – the venue itself could be half the problem – crappy nightclub to crappy music venue is what we hear. Anyway – MS MR were stiff and unoriginal with little variation from the album, and choreography more suited to a Katy Perry tribute show. But could we expect more? TWL Shan’s review of their new album doesn’t seem to think so. But reports say that their Splendour gig passed muster? As for Splendour itself, this lamb is just plain pissed oooorrrffff that she didn’t go this year. The Blur year. Also the mud year.

Next up, Vance Joy’s new single Fire and the Flood reveals he hasn’t changed much, which may be a relief for his fans, but with the mantle of one of the new generation Australian writers sitting on his shoulders, he’ll need to stay ahead of the pack. Finally, a new release that didn’t go as well as planned: Iron and Wine teams with Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell to cover songs that obviously mean something to them in Sing In To My Mouth. Sadly, and it kills me to say this, the result is a little too Billy Ray Cyrus after a breakup. I think it maybe transporting multiple-genre lyrics into complacent ol’ folk-cum-country may have done it.

Until next week lambs! Keep complaining loudly!