Issue #7 ft. The Creases, Sample Answer, Major Leagues, S A Reyners, Death in the Afternoon

the creases

The Wandering Lamb’s fortnightly post Weaning Lambs returns this week after a few weeks off to gather a bit of retraction.  We have received over 400 emails from new and upcoming artists and promoters in the last few weeks, the interest in our new post has been gob-smacking. Thank you to everyone for getting in touch.  With minimal time on our hands we only have the time to really choose 5 but trust us, there are so many we could post if we had the time.  So without further ado, here are 5 outstanding tracks that we urge you to listen to and support.  First up is The Creases, out of Brisbane, followed by Dubliner but now London based talent, Sample Answer. We go back to Brisbane and introduce Major Leagues, before heading to Wellington, New Zealand where we discover S A Reyners. Clever song writing to say the least.  Lastly, its all the ways over to Sweden for the quickly rising Death in the Afternoon, just don’t judge their title for the music they produce.  See you soon.


Weaning Lamb The CreasesTheCreases_Press_Studio_Blue1

Track Point

Based In Brisbane, Australia

File Next To early The Vaccines

Sunny Brisbane is helping to grow some great talent and The Creases are a testiment to this, a track that is sugared by the 60s but mature in sound. Great pop melodies and enough attitude to warrant our attention.


Weaning Lamb Sample AnswerSample-Answer-PP3-1024x680

Track Good Boy

Based In London, UK and Dublin, Ireland

File Next To The Black Keys

Perhaps Sample Answer may not need much encouragement and support from our Weaning Lamb segment, but we couldnt look past finding a platform to showcase this immense talent.  Every bit cool as it is accomplished.  You heard it here first.


W4thearmajorleaguesmixtapeeaning Lamb Major Leagues

Track Someone Sometime

Based In Brisbane, Australia

File Next To Best Coast

We had so many great tracks delivered to us this month, but again, Brisbane offered so much great music, this time it was Major Leagues, simple great pop music with great east coast inspired vocals and nicely layered guitars and gentle harmonies.  This track was delivered to us by our friends Rare Finds, thanks guys.


Weaning Lamb S A ReynersSA Reyners

Track Saturday Afternoon

Based In Wellington, New Zealand

File Next To Belle and Sebastian

Stefan, aka S A Reyners is pure talent, lyrically accomplished, musically outstanding he is a multi-instrumentalist and bloody destined for good things if someone out there would pay some attention.  Stefan, good luck with taking on the world in some way or another.


WeaDeath-in-the-Afternoonning Lamb  Death in the Afternoon

Track ’82

Based In Sweden

File Next To M83, Washed Out

With the swedish sun shining down on this duo, we here in Australia face a cold winter but it is a track like this that makes for the yearning of summer.  Laid back dream pop delivered with a simple mix of electronic beats and glitches, gently strummed guitars and dreamy vocals.  Nice.