Prime Cuts ft. Everything Everything, Wolf Alice, Ta-Ku, Isaac de Heer and Chemical Brothers

sarahmottYet another exciting week of new tracks for your weird little ears, with a big collaboration between electronic heavyweights Chemical Brothers and lady of the moment St Vincent. The fair isle of Britain takes home the award for most new tracks with new cuts from rockers Wolf Alice and punchy-pop men Everything Everything. I discover a new love and a new additions to my nookie playlist ūüėČ with local boy Ta-Ku, and speaking of local, Isaac de Heer reminds us of why we loved folk before American Authors and Mumford and Sons ruined it for us. Listen in! And if you want more/can’t be bothered to find your own new favorite songs, follow us on our Prime Cuts Spotify playlist here.

Artist: Everything Everything

Cut: To The Blade

Moments of: Bloc Party, Delphic, Klaxons

Last month I had¬†Distant Past stuck in my head in a big way; this month it will be this track. Everything Everything have the¬†EE2rare skill of writing catchy pop songs without being annoying, carrying on the Big British Indie Sound captured by the likes of Bloc Party and the Wombats while still being different. If I were you I’d plug into the rest of their new stuff on newly released¬†Get to Heaven.

Artist: Wolf Alice

Cut: You’re A Gem

Moments Of: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Violent Soho, Interpol

It starts off as a breathy tale of young lovers, but you can tell something sinister and heavy is coming. I think that’s the¬†Wolf Aliceattraction to this song; the tension is palpable and rewarding when it quickly morphs into a crashing, searing ¬†“Fuck You” to all the naysayers of teen love affairs. Definitely the stand-out from Wolf Alice’s new album¬†My Love is Cool –¬†none of the others seem to get that perfect balance of rock and indie feels. The lead singer and guitarist Ellie Rowsell CAN SING though, bringing Karen O vibes into a heavy atmosphere with both skill and abandon.

Artist: Ta-Ku

Cut: Hopeful

Moments Of: Cashmere Cat, Ryan Hemsworth, Flume

The opening track from the newly released¬†Songs to Make Up To,¬†this track certainly puts me in a more forgiving and Ta-ku-Press-Photoeven¬†cuddly mood, which is good because before that I was on 2013’s Songs to Break Up To. Have this one on hand next domestic, lovers. Soothingly, almost achingly slow and easy,¬†Hopeful echoes with laid back electronic hand claps that set the beat for the rest of the album. And then it’s over too soon, just as you were sinking into the warm bubble-bath of good vibes. Best remedy is to put the album on full.

Artist: Isaac de Heer

Cut: Streets of Del Mino

Moments Of: Josh Pyke, Harry Heart Chrysalis, Bob Evans

Apparently this dude has a history in the metal band Fable – probably the least expected influence for this classic folk track.isaac-de-heer It’s clean cut, familiar and pulls no surprises without being dull, think indie good-time soundtrack. It’s a shame the folk genre was overplayed so much in the last few years it kind of ate itself up, songs like this should never be in or out of fashion, they should just be. Consider this your new morning song, and you’re welcome. Also in his photo he kind of looks like jon Snow, and that’s bringing on some pretty heavy feels, which may sway my emotional reaction to this song.

Artist: The Chemical Brothers

Cut: Under Neon Lights (feat. St Vincent)

Moments of:

Nothing, NOTHING will ever top the Brothers’ 2010 release¬†Further. That was digital Einstein genius right there. But their The-Chemical-Brothers-640x341new track ain’t too bad. It’s dance with a bit of ambiance thrown in, and a slinky St Vincent washing over the top like a big ol’ neon wave. Their full album is set to release next month, so stay tuned lambs.