Prime Cuts ft. Girlpool, SOAK, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, Golden Features and Twelve Point Buck

sarahmottAt this time of year it’s easy to curl away from the chilly grey world into a doona of Netflix and lasagna, but luckily the local and international music scene keeps chugging along despite that horrible feeling of poking your nose out of the covers in the morning into the cold air of a share house too stingy to use heating. May have got a bit personal there, but I’m sure you all have your versions of the winter blues. Let’s crack on then, into the warm fuzzy new music feels.

Artist: Girlpool

Cut: Before the World Was Big

Moments of: Juno if she were in a band, The Mountain Goats, Kimya Dawsongirlpool

I feel like I have a new girl band crush each Prime Cuts, and why not? This little gem is an ode to sibling-hood, and if you’re like me, it’ll make you want to call you sis/bro and reminisce about shitty car trips and eating dog food basically because you were told not to. Simplicity and honesty are what ring out through stripped back guitars and raw vocal harmonies.

Artist: Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

Cut: Sunday Candy

Moments Of: Chance the Rapper, Edward Sharp the the Magnetic Zeros

Is Sunday Candy a euphemism? As the music starts I felt a bit dirty grandma, this song is way too upbeat and family-sing-socialexperiment-surfalong to mean S-E-X! What a mind you have! Full brass, love duet, and wait up…yep, actually I think it does mean nookie.
That is a pretty feel-good way to sing about a weekly booty call. Unless this is a modern gospel song about God, which means I am definitely going to hell. The Social Experiment is one big ol’ super group, featuring the likes of Chance the Rapper, Janelle Monae, and Erykah Badu on the newly released free album Surf. Check out the cute clip for Sunday Candy here:

Artist: SOAK

Cut: B a noBody

Moments of: Emmy the Great, Johnny Flynn, Fionn Regan

Whimsical and cynical always go together well in music, like peanut butter and apple sandwiches. Morrissey is the prime Soak-photo-for-album-announcement_0example of this, and SOAK is a close second. Uplifting, airy melodies and sweet, pure, 90s-esque vocals with nihilistic lyrics; the refrain “Come on, be a nobody like me” has never sounded more beautiful and uplifting. I love, love, love this haunted and tender sound from a songstress definitely worth paying attention to.

Artist: Twelve Point Buck

Cut: Callie

Moments of: Spiderbait, Magic Dirt

A strange kitty/electro vibe intro gives way to some fleshy, playful alt-rock that I feel like I’ve been waiting to hear for a while.Twelve-Point-Buck-1024x572 Reminiscent of Spiderbait in their 90’s heyday, TPB mix grunge guitar with melodic feminine vocals to produce a familiar and welcome mix of nostalgia and youth. It will be interesting to see where these guys head with such a distinctively inspired sound. For now though, it sure is welcome.

Artist: Golden Features

Cut: No One (feat. Thelma Plum)

Moments Of: SAFIA, Oscar Key Sung, Willow Beats

Golden Features’ newly released single features just 4 songs; each worth a listen in it’s own right. I’m so glad the days of singles with one song and three remixes of said song are over. No avatars-000148322493-caq7l6-t500x500One is the clear standout, with Plum’s silky vocals offsetting the dull electronic doof and muted echoes of electronica – seriously is no one else bored with this yet? Perfect for Friday night shrug off the past week vibes.