Weaning Lambs #5 ft Green Buzzard, LOUDS, BURROWING, Lake Malawi, Woodes X Elkkle, Tim Guy

In this forever pulsating musical world of ours we are overwhelmed with endless counts of new music and begs the question, if you put every single current released track on a continuous loop how long would it go for?  The answer, erm, well forever. How bands are able to rummage through the immens3le noise to be heard takes a lot of effort and persistance, so at TWL we are doing our bit to support unsigned and/or uncommercialised music through our fortnightly post, Weaning Lambs.  This week is another brilliant week with music from around the world, including the upbeat sounds of LOUDS (Philadelphia), the perfect harmonies of Lake Malawi (London)  and a handful of talented folk from TWL hometown, Melbourne.

If you have some music that you would like to share to hopefully make our Weaning Lambs feature, please email weaninglambs@gmail.com . Enjoy!

Green BuzzardWeaning Lamb  Green Buzzard

Track  Zoo Fly

Based In  Sydney, Australia

File Next To Deerhunter

Its not uncommon for me to gripe about the bands who by right make great music but just lack any presence both as a band and as a live performance.  Green Buzzard bring all what is important back to being in a band. Beyond their musical edginess they are a band who look like a “band” but the irony of the matter is that they have never played live, have yet to have a review to quote upon and certainly no big supports or festivals played to mention. What we can confirm is that they right a damn good tune.


Weaning Lamb  LOUDS

Track   If More People Bought Art More People Would Buy Art  EP

Based In  Philadephia, PA

File Next To  The Flaming Lips

LOUDS began in Philadelphia in the summer of 2014. The band originally consisted of brothers Charlie and Petie Brooks, but quickly came to include guitarists Alejandro Giraldo-Torres and Juston Stens.  They play upbeat indie dance music and there is a lot to love about them, sweet and addictive.



burrowingWeaning Lamb  BURROWING

Track  Senorita

Based In Oslo/Melbourne

File Next To  Bon Iver 

BURROWING is an Australian/Norwegian band based in Oslo, formed by singer/songwriter Adam Eaton. This beautifully touching track with weeping slide guitars, plucked strings and ghostly soothing vocals was recorded in Melbourne then mastered back in Oslo.  Perhaps the change in location helped create these folky roots, whatever the formula, we hope to hear and see more of Adam Eaton performing on his home turf.


lake malaqiWeaning Lamb  Lake Malawi

Track  Aubrey

Based In  London, United Kingdom

File Next To  Ocean Colour Scene

Lake Malawi are already getting fair bit of acclaim so perhaps they wont need any support from us, but heck with it, this is a great track and shows every sign of a band who are pretty close to making their way through the haze of music that is out there.  Aubrey is a taster for what these lads are about, great harmonies, great musicianship  and instantly catchy.


woodes-elkkleWeaning Lamb  Woodes X Elkkle

Track  Cocoon

Based In  Melbourne, Australia

File Next To  Four Tet

Melbourne was recently voted top as the musical capital of the world and when you listen to the talents of young artists like Woodes X Elkkle you can kind of see why.  As much as this track would be considered independent/alternative, it oozes so much commercialism that it would be unfair if this talented duo dont get more exposure.  Perhaps they may be able to ride the well earnt wave of Japanese Wallpaper or if we continue to support local music, perhaps they can ride their own wave of success. Cocoon paints vivid soundscapes to weave a delicately lush world.

tim guyWeaning Lamb  Tim Guy

Track  St Petersburg

Based In  Melbourne, Australia

File Next To  Iron and Wine

Tim Guy is now newbie to the musical circuit having played around NZ and Australia the last few years, St Petersburg grabbed our attention, with its Californian laid back swagger played out with true talent.  Lyrically clever and musically complete, we hope that we hear and see more of Tim Guy in the future.