Prime Cuts ft. Darwin Deez, Kucka, Muse, Gin Wigmore, Jinja Safari

sarahmottThis week (if not slightly late) Prime Cuts sees our resident Prime Cuts contributor Sarah take on some old favourites doing new things – or not so new, in the case of Orwellian rockers Muse and indie darling Darwin Deez. A few Aussies also make this an eclectic mix, with Perth songstress Kucka reminding us of ephemeral summer days, while Hilltop Hoods’ Suffa teams up with Logic and New Zealand performer Gin Wigmore. Listen in!

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Darwin-Deez_Blog_7001Artist  Darwin Deez

Cut  Kill Your Attitude

Moments of  Two Door Cinema Club, Mystery Jets

He’s back!  I am so happy! And he is as upbeat and cute as always, singing about relationships that are actually as awkward as we feel. It would have been exciting to hear a development in his sound – his Wonka mixtape was awesome –  but then, why fix what ain’t broken? I’ll still dance to it.


Artist  Kucka

Cut  Flux 98

Moments of Yolande Vi$$er, Willow Beats, FKA Twigs

A dreamy tune with an edge, this is my new girl power song to get ready to. Shimmering and delicate vocals are backed by a warm pulsing melody and chiming electro beat. I’m a keen bean to see what else this local girl throws at us.


Artist Suffa, Gin Wigmore, Logic





Cut Willing to Die

Moments of Hilltop Hoods, Urthboy, Moby

So, nope. EXCEPT that within the first verse “cuticle” is rhymed with “beautiful” and “hurled my lunch up in the cubicle” by Suffa and that really got me. Heh. Also Gin Wigmore has excellent vocals and we need to hear them more, maybe without the dudes rapping over the top.


Artist Muse

Cut  Psycho

Moments of  Early Muse, Biffy Clyro

Being Muse, it’s hard to take a song out of the album’s context. But. Just listening to this song it’s clear that they’ve gone back to the original formula; gritty guitar riffs, ecstatic builds with big bass and beats. Good stuff. I guess we have to listen to the album to understand the soldier’s dialogue throught, but it seems like a typical Muse rant against mass capitalist mind control, this time on warfare. You go, Muse.



Artist Jinja Safari

Cut Find My Way Back

Moments of Disney’s Mulan OST,  Dappled Cities

Jinja Safari have this thing with cultural appropriation that my ears don’t wholly dislike; remember their cover of Ignition with an indian vibe? Awesome, I’ll leave that here. Their new track Find My Way has a distinctly Oriental feel – not Asian, I can’t presume to know particular asian traditional genres – Oriental as in what Disney would soundtrack a movie with to make it sound exotic. White people world music maybe? Anyway, it sounds good and Jinja Safari’s trademark endearing vocal hit their mark, so there.