Prime Cuts: Flumes, A$AP Rocky, Urtekk, Space Monk, The Good Morrows

sarahmottIt is never easy to settle on 5 tracks that we select for Prime Cuts each week, especially as we head into the hump of the year and artists begin to gear up for their European summer releases.  Sarah, continues her “resident” prime cuts errands and delivers another eclectic mix of tracks to suit a handful of musical tastes.  This week takes an Ozzie flavour and includes one of the finest Australian artists on our books, Flume….. along with 3 Australian artists that many of you wouldn’t know much about.  We urge you to take a listen to Urtekk = electronic dance music, Space Monk = melodic indie rock, while The Good Morrows = indie dance.  See you next week.


Artist  FlumeFlume-Some-Minds

Cut  Some Minds (ft Andrew Wyatt)

Moments of Metronomy, Miike Snow

At once fuzzy, exquisitely shimmering, and gratingly electro, new track from Flume features Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt. Check out the film clip to go along with it, a unique collaboration with the iconic Sydney Opera House to celebrate Vivid. This track sums up the creative festival in all its confusing and frenetic glory.



Artist  A$AP Rocky

Cut  Holy Ghost (feat Joe Fox)

Moments of Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future

Lazily dangerous, slinky and gritty, this track is like a modern gospel hymn. Painful questions to his faith mixed with jaded cynism, the opening track on his newly released At.Long.Last.A$AP proves he can rap, and mix a sample as well as model. An excellent start to an excellent album.


Artist  Urtekkurtekk

Cut  Paredoilia

Moments of Miami Horror, Iridescent

As soon as this track starts I have a strange urge to dance with mainly my elbows and knees, and revert to my 18 year old self in a sweaty club.  Urtekk manage to revive the 00s futuristic electro vibe while still retaining a shred of musical dignity. A shred. But if you’re dancing like I am know, dignity is most definitely the last thing you have. Aussie-Eurotechno at its best.


Artist  Space Monkspace

Cut  Analysis Paralysis

Moments of Hockey Dad, The Creases, Dorsal Fins

As I get older, I find I’ve developed the  terrifying habit of assuming that youngin’s these days don’t make music like we used to. Then a band like Space Monk come along and slap me in the face and say SHAME ON YOU. These Northern Beaches youngin’s prove that the next generation is more than ready to take the mantle of indie rock that pull on your heart strings and move your feet at the same time. This old one is eagerly awaiting the upcoming EP from these guys.


Artist  The Good Morrowthe good morrow

Cut  Do You Feel It?

Moments of Delta Riggs, Loon Lake

If you live in Melbourne and you know what we mean by “Northsider”, you’ll be as pretty darn excited as me to find a new Good Morrows track. The local legends’ Do You Feel It is a gritty feel good harking to a 90s George Michael pep talk, with more oomph. This one will be on indie dance playlists in no time, no doubt.