Weaning Lambs #4

shauna v2Welcome back for another edition of Weaning Lambs! This week we have another fantastic batch of artists from both around the globe and also very close to home, for your listening pleasure of course. Once again, we try to cover a mix of genres from our ever-growing list of lesser known musicians who have appeared in our inbox. We encourage you to support these up and coming artists as well – we think they’re pretty great so that’s why we continue to share and spread the message. If you have some music that you would like to share to hopefully make our Weaning Lambs feature, please email weaninglambs@gmail.com . Enjoy!

josephandmaiaWeaning Lamb: Joseph & Maia

Track: Sorrento

Based In: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

File Next To: Jenny Lewis, Ryan Adams

With a whimsical pairing of vocal harmonies, heartfelt melodies and charming alt-country leanings, Joseph and Maia have honed their skills on this one – the title track from their debut album. The duo left their record company and managed to almost completely crowd fund their way for this release. A real “up yours!” to the big companies, demonstrating their true dedication to their art. Do your bit and have a listen.

louisberryWeaning Lamb: Louis Berry

Track: 25 Reasons

Based In: Liverpool, England

File Next To: Jake Bugg, early Arctic Monkeys

The smooth baritone of Louis’ voice is a bold contrast to the rollicking rhythm and the upbeat blues/rock on this track, but that is something that makes this track stick out – in a good way. It’s pretty hard not to tap your toes to this one. The subtle snarl in his voice upholds the unsettled message behind the lyrics, but on the other hand, making this track unbeatable to get you keen for a night down the pub. Sing-a-longs a plenty.


michaelrobinsonWeaning Lamb: Michael Robinson

Track: Anecdotes

Based In: Melbourne

File Next To: The Killers, Tame Impala

With a lush, reverb laden vocal layered over thick fuzz guitar and smooth synths, Anecdotes demonstrates Melbourne local Michael Robinson as an accomplished singer-songwriter with classic ideas and a modern day approach. Taken from the forthcoming EP Perpetual Youth set for release later in 2015, this first track is just a toe in the water for an artist who has much yet to show us. Keep a look out for live dates around Melbourne soon.


dbfcWeaning Lamb: DBFC

Track: Staying Home

Based In: Paris, France

File Next To: Air, Jagwar Ma

“DBFC is not a band, it’s a club”, states the biography for the French outfit who are making future bent pysch-electro. Already with a growing following in Europe, DBFC are tapping into the current popularity of indie electro acts that are reinventing the electronic genre. With an insatiable world of possibilities, dance music will never be the same again.

betterpersonWeaning Lamb: Better Person

Track: Sentiment

Based In: Berlin, Germany

File Next To: Duran Duran, Tears For Fears

Revisiting the synth sounds of the 80’s, Berlin pop artist Better Person is making smooth house grooves for those with a spot in their heart for a little retro vibe. Finding it’s place in the current atmosphere of new-age electronic music with a true pop vocal and melody, Sentiment is the perfect soundtrack for late nights and lovers.

grandpavilionWeaning Lamb: Grand Pavilion

Track: Stranger

Based In: Byron Bay, Australia

File Next To: Bonobo, DJ Shadow

Definitely influenced by the sun and surf of their home town, Grand Pavilion are a duo making breezy electronica with a distinctly innovative touch. This track is the first song from the EP Foreign Escapes which is set for release this year. Sit back and let the serene vocal line take you into a daydream of what could have been, the mystery of the elusive Stranger.