Prime Cuts: Week 20 ft. Miley Cyrus and Hot Chip

sarahmottOur Prime Cuts post delivers to you 5 fresh tracks, songs that got one of our Writers excited in the week.  We try and select a handful of warm tracks that you may well not have heard before.  This week, Sarah took control of Prime Cuts and shares with you an ecclectic mix of fine music from the completely bonkers Miley Cryus to the constantly evolving Hot Chip, who are in the midst of returning with a much anticipated new studio album.  



Artist  Miley Cyrus, Laura Jane Grace, Joan Jettjoan-jett-miley-cyrus

Cut  Androgynous

Moments Of The Replacements

This is a suprising collaboration, but a well suited one. Painfully earnest when you look at the history of the musicians singing this classic Replacements cover, but the cover itself works, so all is well.


Artist  M.I.AMia_CanSeeCanDo

Cut  Platforms

Moments Santigold, Katy Perry

For M.I.A this is pretty dull, but the deep bass and dystopian lyrics are pretty addictive.


Artist  Eliza HullEliza_Hull

Cut  Used To feat. Texture Like Sun

Moments SAFIA, Kate Bush, Florence & The Machine

Known for her ethereal soundscapes, stirring lyrics and haunting vocals, Eliza’s  new delivery of music brings that same heartfelt electro-dreaminess paired with some fresh upbeat synth driven indie-pop melodies to tap your toes to.


Artist  Shamirshamir

Cut  Darker

Moments  Neneh Cherry, Janelle Monae, Juce

A cool, edgy, dystopian ode to an excessive city – a Neneh Cherry for a new generation?


Artist  Hot ChipHOTCHIP

Cut  So Much Further To Go

Moments Roxy Music, The Knife

Possibly the closest Hot Chip will get to a classic love ballad? Toned down feel good and still trademark ‘Chip.