Prime Cuts: Week 17

This week sees us exploring a variety of tracks from home and afar, with a mix of genres as well – however, all sporting either an 80’s or 90’s flavour. Enough to make you nostalgic and enthusiastic, or maybe you are yearning for uniqueness? Anyway, we’ll let you make up your mind. Happy listening!


tame impala

Artist: Tame Impala

Cut: Cause I’m A Man

Moments Of: Prince, Stevie Wonder (you read correctly)

If you haven’t already heard this new one from Perth megastars Tame Impala, now is the time. Fans of the deep psychedelic progression of their first two albums may be a little confused, instead Cause I’m A Man comes off sounding more like an 80’s soul number. Take your sides now.



Artist: Django Django

Cut: Reflections

Moments Of: Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys

Reflections sees the return of London indie quartet for their album number two, Born Under Saturn. Moving away from a guitar and drums sound but keeping the four part harmonies, Reflections relies more on the synth and drum machine sounds, along with a floating sax solo.



DMAsArtist: DMA’s

Cut: Feels Like 37

Moments Of: Oasis (duh!), U2

Not straying from the ‘brit-pop revival’ sound that they are most well known for, Sydney’s DMA’s go full electric, venturing towards a stadium rock sound with yearning vocals and some slick production. Radio friendly and catchy, you’ll be singing in the car before you know it. Are we predicting the come back of baggy jeans?


tyler-the-creator-tamale-1Artist: Tyler, The Creator

Cut: Fucking Young

Moments Of: Mos Def, Nas

Another smooth hip hop track from Californian hip hop joker Tyler The Creator, who here laments about a lust is, as the tile suggest, ‘too young’. Made for sunny road trips and chill nights by the pool. Taken from his new album Cherry Bomb.


bully-angelina-costillio-620x413Artist: Bully

Cut: Trying

Moments Of: Pixies, Hole

Squeezing out the 90’s feels on this one, Bully present a coupling of sweet melodies and Courtney Love-esq pushed vocal line with simple guitar work. Taken from the upcoming album Feels Like, this Nashville trio are headed for bigger things.