Weaning Lambs #2

shauna v2

Welcome to Weaning Lambs second edition! Another round of five tracks, all hand picked from around the world direct to our inbox. Another excellent mix of genres too, all the way from Western-tinged pop tracks to local guitar jangle. Here at The Wandering Lamb we feel extremely privileged to be able to share these artists with you. With your help and support, these artist may become to next big thing! Just make sure you remember to say that you heard it here first, folks. Happy listening!




Weaning Lamb: Lola Marsh

Track: Sirens

Based In: Tel Aviv, Isreal

File Next To: Lana Del Rey, Edith Piaf

If you can imagine being lost in the desert, without a hope in he world, and a whimsical character appears to whisk you away to safety, whilst showing you the riches that the desert has to offer. That is the sound that Lola Marsh make, who formed in 2013 by songwriters Gil Landau and Yael Shoshana Cohen. Jump aboard and enjoy the journey.



umamiWeaning Lamb: UMAMI

Track: Bangles

Based In: Minneapolis, Minnesota

File Next To: The Prodigy, The Presets

With their debut LP Ephemeral freshly released, self proclaimed “psych synth” act UMAMI are without a doubt here to take the party up a notch. Heavy beats, euphoric synths and driving bass mean this track is custom made for warehouse parties. Designed only to be played at volumes of 11. Check out the video below, featuring some trippy VHS stylings.


crepesWeaning Lamb: Crepes

Track: Cold Summers

Based In: Melbourne

File Next To: Twerps, Ocean Party, Dick Diver

Fresh local talent Crepes bring the familiar indie pop sounds that Melbournians are becoming very good at. It’s hard to not let the chilled out vibe wash over you with this one – jangly guitars, sweet keyboard lines and a mid-tempo step that you can’t ignore. Mixed and mastered by former Eddy Current guitarist Mikey Young.

remsyWeaning Lamb: Remsy

Track: Lucky Two

Based In: Austin, Texas

File Next To: Emiliana Torrini, Fiest

With the sweetest voice in the south, new-comer Remsey bring as mash of traditional, 50’s country shuffle and modern day indie pop. Crafting an instantly loveable melody, she laments over a modern day romance falling apart before her eyes. The video below is simple but powerful.


maybirdWeaning Lamb: Maybird

Track: Two Horizons

Based In: Brooklyn/Rochester, NY

File Next To: Tame Impala, Flaming Lips

With a swirling, psychedelic melody and reverb drenched vocals, Maybird bring this dreamy track to round off Weaning Lambs for this edition. With a superbly crafted video showing New York in all off its elemental winter bleakness, it’s worth every minute of blissful viewing.