Prime Cuts: Week 15

This week we deliver a broad selection of Prime Cuts from the dreamy sounds of Lower Dens to the extremely talented multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens.  Follakzoid play long drawn out pyschedlic jams that are rhythmic and hypnotic as does London based music mogul Fort Romeau.  Finally we handpicked Houndstooth, who craft wonderful pop tunes that would crack any greyed out day. 

LowerDens_1Artist: Lower Dens

Cut: Ondine

Moments of: Beach House, Wild Nothing

Lower Dens have sprung on TWL only recently with this outstanding track, but we were excited to learn that this is taken from their soon to be released third album, so a back catalogue is to be explored.  With obvious drawn comparisons to Beach House, lead singer and writer Jana Hunter who once played solo, pulled this band together, and the results are outstanding.  A wonderful track from a great new album.


150401-Sufjan-Stevens-640x426Artist: Sujan Stevens

Cut: All of Me Wants All of You

Moments of: Andrew Bird, Peter and the Wolf, Bon Iver

Sufjan Stevens has been blessing ears the world over with his clever, melodic and hugely unique blend of pop music for over 15 years now.  He is an extaordinary multi-instrumentalist who with each album, delivers something new, slightly twisted in content but always gentle and considered . All of Me Wants All of You is taken from his latest album Carrie & Lowell and marked by many as his finest work.  If you havent had your ears blessed, we urge you to do so.


Artist: FollakzoidFollakzoid-Tom1-686x437

Cut: Electric

Moments of: Spaceman 3, Wooden Shijps, Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Follakzoid are a psych-pop group from Santiago, Chile who take pyschedlic jams to a mesmerising new level.  Electric comes in at close to 12 minutes and flows through your veins, with pulsating repetitive rhythms and swirling guitar effects.


Artist: Fort Romeaufort-romeau-686x3201

Cut: New Wave

Moments of: Bonobo, Japanese Wallpaper, The Orb

This is Mike Greene, a London based DJ who makes soothing deep house music, the type of frequency that you completely immerse yourself into. The sounds here a full and lush but the beauty is that the majority is made in the comforts of his bedroom using nothing more than a laptop and Yamaha keyboard.


houndstooth_photobooth2Artist: Houndstooth

Cut: No News From Home

Moments of: Camera Obscura, Belle & Sebastian, Real Estate

Hailing from the cool dwellings of Portland, Oregon fronted by lead singer/songwriter Katie Bernstein and fellow song writer John Gnorski, Houndstooth have just delivered their sophomore album with equal title, following their well-received debut in 2013.  The larthagic, slacker alt-country sound of Houndstooth may not appeal to all, but any floopy haired, black rim framed glass wearing hipster will be filing this next to Real Estate in a jiffy.