Weaning Lambs: Supporting new artists

jameslondon1_blue_blurWelcome to the very first post of Weaning Lambs.  While gaining a few devoted followers and readers over the last year, we have also gained the interest of lesser known artists, promoters and record labels from around the world.  Every day we get tonnes of emails asking us to listen to their music.    With the simple philosophy to share music we love, Weaning Lambs was born as a way to support artists that we think deserve your ears who may otherwise not have had the platform to promote from.  Well now they have. It is our way of supporting lesser known artists so each fortnight, we will hand pick 5 tracks that we love and share them with you.  If you are an artist, promoter or record label, just email us and you may well see your music as a Weaning Lamb.  thewanderinglamb@gmail.com


acjqB-xr_400x400Weaning Lamb: Cajsa Siik

Track: State of Low

Based in: Stockholm, Sweden

File next to: Lykke Li, Robyn, Lyla Foy, Bat for Lashes

Cajsa Siik first gained some interest with her debut album released last year, titled Contra and recieved interest through live TV performance and a few TV shows too.  Perhaps not a complete Weaning Lamb, we dont expect that many have heard of this exceptional talent.  State of Low plays out like a gentle lullaby, covered in meloncholy and an mellow electro-pop, everything you would expect from Swedish shores.



tape runs outWeaning Lamb: 
Tape Runs Out

Track: Friends/Flowers

Based in: Cambridge, United Kingdom

File next to: Wild Nothing, Craft Spells, Fanfarlo

This is a great little uber-indie pop track that muddles together familiar hooks, cleverly crafted melodies, meloncholic ambience and dreamy reverb-tinged rhythms.  The track comes in at just over 2 minutes with an abrupt end, it is the sort of stuff that just leaves you wanting so much more. It is a memorable track and makes us hopeful that we will hear more from this talented young band. They are signed to a great record label called Ear to Ear Records too.



Ghost-LoftWeaning Lamb: Ghost Loft

Track: Overflow

Based in: Los Angeles

File next to: Japanese Wallpaper, Bombay Bicycle Club, Washed Out

Ghost Loft is Danny Choi, a young American musician based in Los Angeles. He makes music that has an R&B swagger, riddled with electro samples and beats to create an effortlessly cool sound.  His latest track, Overflow, to be taken from his latest EP release.  Ghost Loft has already been heard on Triple J but that doesnt stop us to give him a thumbs up from us also.  Well worth a listen and a talent to watch.


pokeman dadWeaning Lamb: Pokemon Dad

Track: Slad

Based in: Shenzhen, China

File next to: Weezer, Pavement, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Pokemon Dad made contact with us a few days back and asked us to listen to their music.  Having read that the lads were from Shenzhen, China (the fasted growing city in the world according to the band), of course we were quick to click the soundwave link.  Pokemon Dad create original indie style rock music influenced by elements of post-rock and math-rock.  It is fresh, young and completely addictive.  The soundcloud playlist below is the entire album, there are some great slacker rock tracks here.



Weaning Lamb: Blaue

Track: Everyone Knows Ive Lost It

Based in: Los Angeles

File next to: Boards of Canada

We know very little about Blaue accept that his an LA producer named Justin Corral. He makes complete layered tracks full of vocal and synth arrangements that have you listening deep to decipher what it is you are actually listening to.  This probably isnt for everyone, but with a pair of headphones and a tired soul, its intriguing stuff.