Prime Cuts: Week 9 in 2015

In week 9 of 2015 (slightly behind we know) we hand it over to Sarah to choose her favourite tracks over the past week (or there abouts) that you should give a good listen to.  In true TWL style it is a mixed bag of great cuts from Florence & The Machine and the return of Blur, with a rather gritty unpredictable sound for the british lads.

Artist: Florence & The Machine

Cut: What Kind of Man

Moments of: Lykke Li, Bat for Lashes

Rockier than her previous releases, this song bodes well for what is to come. It has that feminine aggression that likens her to Bat for Lashes or Kate Bush. Bliss.


Artist: Nick Hall

Cut: Know This

Moments of: Chet Faker, James Blake

A sultry track that has just the right amount of reverb and beat to distingush it from the rest of the  rabble right now. Definielty a long way from his 2010 EP.


Artist: Tkay Maidza

Cut: M.O.B

Moments of: Nicki Minaj, Basenji, Wave Racer

Can she put a foot wrong?? Brontosuarus, maybe, that was borderline Whip My Hair shit. Tkay channels a bit of Nikki Minaj vibes in this, but its still disinctly her own. Another gem from Tkay Maidza, she’s gonna be big.


Artist: Pearls

Cut: Big Shot

Moments of: The Kills, Gary Glitter, T-Rex, BRMC, Band of Skulls

These guys are my soul sisters, vintage beats with that rock n’ roll edge.  You know when you imagine yourself in a movie and what song would be playing when you walked into a room. This is the song a fantasize. WHAT A JAM.


Artist: Blur

Cut: Go Out

Moments of: Blur, who else

They’reeee baaaack. And still Blur, this could have gone so wrong, but it didn’t. They sound edgy, that reverb buzzsaw ripping into your brain, while still retaining the non-comittal britrock air they coined twenty years ago.