Prime Cuts_Week_4

Artist_Viet Cong
Cut_Continental Shelf
Moments of_Interpol, Battles, Bo Ningen

Lo-Fi and Lusciously dark, Viet Cong’s track sounds achingly familiar. Because they are basically Interpol? Or because their music speaks that mid-twenties dissatisfaction just about everything? Doesn’t matter, I’m hooked.


Artist_ Belle and Sebastian
Cut_ Play For Today
Moments of_ Gary Numan, Orchestral Maneouvers in the Dark

An endearing sythtastic duet about heartache set to the exotic echoes of John Paul Young? WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?


Artist_Buzz Kull
Cut_ Dreams
Moments of_T he Horrors, Joy Division

Kind of weird space -dystopian with a German new wave beat, like if Noel Fielding made the soundtrack to Gravity. Pretty darn good, that should have happened.


Artist_ Pond
Cut_ Zond
Moments of_ MGMT, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The new release from Melbourne psychemaestros has a distinctly upbeat feel to their previously rockier stuff. Very MGMT, very catchy.


Artist_ Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Cut_ I Should Have Known
Moments of_  Sharon Jones, The Sonics, Imelda May

A track from their newly released EP, this is a seriously catchy one. We’re talking handclaps, jangly revival guitars harmonies that make you want to do backflips down a church aisle, regardless of belief.