Outerspace_ A Baa Baa Blaah with Crossfire Hurricane


As we commence countdown to Outerspace on the 23rd of October at the Public Bar, North Melbourne, a night of music curated by Flat Earth Collective and supported by The Wandering Lamb, we chat with a few of the bands involved in the gig. Following on from our Baa Baa Blaah with Jack Runaway, we wander the fields with Crossfire Hurricane to find out what they are all about.

What is Crossfire Hurricane?  What is the vibe like?

Crossfire Hurricane is a 3 piece blues/rock outfit that consists of Daniel Unwin, Joe Gleeson and Callum Humphrys, our vibes are quite chill, it has a lot to do with our surroundings, we’re all from small country towns, based in a little town called Cobden, and where we do a lot of our practice is in Joe’s old mans bus shed, its great, get a nice raw feeling which gives us that extra feel, we are all close friends so it’s the best and worst thing at the same time haha, nah its really good, alls we want to do is play our music, we love playing our music, its great fun, we have a good time, and that’s what we strive for, to do what we love and if people like it, sweet! If people don’t like it, sweet! We’re still going to play what we play and have a sweet time doing it.

How did it all begin?

Me (Daniel) and Joe have been best friends since day dot, and we’ve been playing music together since we were about 12-13, in a cover band with a few mates from school, I was on the bass and joe on drums, then the other fellas that were in the band parted to their other commitments, so it was just me and joe for a while, so we started jamming, I played a bit of guitar and I started writing a couple of songs, giving the singing a go which wasn’t much chop haha, and we started slowly getting them together over a couple of years, just jamming every now and again, then Joe came up with the name “Crossfire Hurricane”, which from the word go was perfect as we are quite the stones fans ha. Then once we started getting the songs together we realised we needed a bass player, which is when Callum came onto the scene, me and Callum met in school in about year 10 and just hit it off with our love for music, and from then on in we have progressed into a 3 piece outfit by the name Crossfire Hurricane.

crossfire.jpg hurricane

Give us 3 words to describe your sound.

Good For Ya!

What do you try and bring to a live experience? What makes a live gig memorable to you?

We just love playing music, we have songs which make you dance around, we have songs that can make you cry, we want to make everyone feel at home, the songs are written about things that people can relate to, and that’s the connection we push to have with our music, to be able to laugh, cry, sing, dance, stomp your feet to the beat or just give someone a big hug, whatever makes you feel happy and have a good time, do it. Us fellas have a strong mateship and want to have fun doing what we do, and that’s all we want everyone to do, have a good one.

Any local acts you’re digging that we should know about?

Call me biased but I think our local acts we have around here are some of the best sounding bands in Australia, you come down to The Loft in Warrnambool and you will see the likes of Red Eagle, Blackwood Jack, Kashmere Club, which all have their own sweet sound, this is what should be on radio.

If your band were a planet, which one would you be and why?

Uranus, because we’re full of shit.


Click here to find out more about Crossfire Hurricane’s  gig at the Public Bar with many more sweet acts on the 23rd of October.